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Prominet differences between the bills of 2014 and 2015.jpg; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, November 30, 2015

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Section 7 of the Janlokpal Bill, 2015

The Times of India, Nov 30 2015

Contentious clause finds Maken's support

The highly disputed Section 7 of the draft Janlokpal Bill, which senior advocate Prashant Bhushan claims will run into a wall with the Centre, has received support from senior Congress member Ajay Maken. Maken said Section 7--according to which the Janlokpal “may proceed to inquire or in vestigate into any allegation of corruption in NCT“--is necessary if the bill has to have any teeth. “We will stand against the dilution of the bill, but in the absence of any officially circulated draft, we would like to reserve our final comments on procedure, etc. However, Section 7, as has been reported in the media, sounds relevant to the bill. As long as this applies to public functionaries of the departments of Delhi go vernment, DDA, municipal corporations, NDMC, Delhi Police and MPs from Delhi and Union ministers from the city whose actions pertain to the people of Delhi, this provision is necessary ,“ said Maken, chief of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee.

Maken said about 60-70% complaints of corruption received in Delhi pertain to Central agencies, but added that Section 7 in its current form was unlikely to be cleared by any go vernment at the Centre. “While corruption is corruption and it doesn't do to differentiate between corruption by a state official and a Central government official, what we need is a middle path. The bill should deal with such functionaries whose work pertains directly to Delhi and affects the lives of Delhiites. There is already a Lokpal in the Centre and we cannot have the same offices covered by two Lokpals. The bill needs to make this point clearly ,“ he said.


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