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Mahavir Chakra (MVC) citation

Col. Khushal Chand, MVC


Service: Army

Arm: Infantry

Unit: Ex 7 Bn J&K Militia/Ladakh Scouts (Originally from)

P. Number: IC-4969

Birth: 26 Sep 1929

Spouse Name: Mrs Sonam Younzin


MVC, Operation: 1948 Polo - Hyderabad, Date of Award: 1948

Gazette Notification: 2 Pres 50, 26.1.50

Operation: 1948 Polo – Hyderabad

Date of Award: 1948


In February 1948, Major Khushal Chand was one of the two officers who volunteered to go to Leh to help in raising a local militia force and to conduct the defence of the Ladakh Valley. For four months Major Khushal Chand with one platoon of J&K State Forces and about twenty local militia hastily trained delayed the enemy advance south towards Leh along the Indus Valley. He conducted guerrilla warfare of a skilful nature giving the impression to the enemy that he had many more men than he actually had. On one occasion he held the Khaltsi bridge for24 hours with just himself and one sepoy and later set it on fire. This delayed the enemy for a further week. Throughout these operations without proper rations, without mortars and with an acute shortage of ammunition, Major Khushal Chand led his small band with vigour and skill and by personal example of daring and "daredevilry" he carried out his task successfully. He thus maintained the high traditions of the Indian Army and set a fine example to those serving with him.

'Saviour of Ladakh'

Col. Khushal Chand, MVC

Homage paid to Lt Col Khushal Chand 'Savior of Ladakh' | UNI

Leh, Apr 22, 2019 (UNI) Glowing tributes on Monday were paid to martyr Lt Colonel Khusal Chand, famously known as 'The Savior of Ladakh', who was responsible for safeguarding the Khaltse bridge and prevented enemy from advancing towards Leh in 1948.

During the Pakistani aggression of 1948, Lt Col (then Maj) Khushal Chand was responsible for safeguarding the Khaltse bridge and preventing the enemy’s advance towards Leh. He used Guerrilla Warfare to misguide the enemy of his actual strength. On one occasion, he along with just one sepoy halted the enemy’s advance for 24 hours and subsequently burnt the bridge delaying the enemy for a week's duration. For this gallant action he was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra.

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