Mashhood Test Firing Range (MTFR)

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A backgrounder

Nuclear Threat Initiative

OTHER NAME: Tilla Satellite Launch Center; Tilla Range; Jhelum; Malute

LOCATION: Tilla Jogian (25km west of Jhelum)

SUBORDINATE TO: Khan Research Laboratories (KRL); Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)

SIZE: Unknown


The Mashhood Test Firing Range at Tilla Jogian (MTFR) is the primary missile test site of the Khan Research Laboratories (KRL). The KRL used the MTFR to stage the first test flight of the solid-fueled medium-range Hatf-5/Ghauri ballistic missile on 6 April 1998. The KRL again used the MTFR for the first test-flight of the longer-range variant Hatf-5A/Ghauri-2 on 14 April 1999. In total, the MTFR has hosted seven test flights of the Hatf-5/Ghauri-1 missile, and one test flight of the Hatf-5A/Ghauri-2 missile at the MTFR.

Using satellite images of the MTFR, the Federation of American Scientists notes that even in clear images, it is difficult to discern physical launch facilities at the Jhelum site.

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