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Mirza Kak Ji

Pran Pandit , Saint Swami Mirza Kak Ji "Daily Excelsior" 14/5/2017

Mirza Kak

According to ‘Neelmat-Purana’, the valley of Kashmir, known as ‘Sharda Bhoomi’, is the manifestation of ‘Poorn-Prakriti’ (whole Nature). The valley of Kashmir has been the birth place of innumerable saints from times immemorial; and one such great saint in Mirza Pandit appeared on the surface of ‘Sharda Bhoomi’ on 1st lunar day of the month of ‘Posh’ in 1801 Bikrami (conforming to year 1744 A.D). A Brahmin by birth, Mirza Pandit belonged to ‘Sanatan Dharma’. ‘Sanatan’ means and denotes ‘Anadi ‘ (which has no beginning) and ‘Anantha'(endless), that which is eternal and everlasting, and, ‘Dharma’, according to ‘Vedas’, denote and connote those principles of reality which are inherent in the very nature and design of the universe; and ‘Sanatan Dharma’ makes use of ‘yoga’ as the means to attain ‘Moksha’ (Salvation). The Vedanta holds that appearances are unreal and illusory and the only one reality is what lies behind unreal and illusory, the ‘Brahman’; and the presence and appearance of unreal and illusory is only due to ‘Maya’ and this will continue till ‘Moksha’ (Salvation) is achieved because it ceases to exist thereafter.

In a cluster of villages, situated in an island-like vast patch of land between Brengi and Kokarnag streams, is located a small village called Hangalgund. The village is situated in south Kashmir district of Anantnag at a distance of 78 KMs from Srinagar. The clear and fresh gushing water of Kokarnag stream that passes through the village, groves of Chinar trees, pendent willows and sentry-like poplars, apple, pear, apricot and walnut trees, bearing fruit in great abundance, and the green carpet of paddy fields present a very glowing and colorful picture of the village. This village stands out in the queue because a Yogi embarked on the journey from here to unravel the mysteries of twisted destinies; and the village achieved the distinction of the vista of the spiritual success of a great saint.

There are two different opinions about the birth place of Mirza Kak: one that he was born at village Achhan in Pulwama district; and, two, that he got birth at village Hangalgund. But, there are no two opinions about the fact that he was nourished and brought up at village Hangalgund. He had a quest for ‘god- realization’ from child-hood days and, for this, he kept away from worldly pleasures and desisted from anger, pride and conceit etc although his life. Exhibiting signs of great prowess, self-control and intelligence in his age of adolescence, he made it a habit to go for rigorous prayers, recitatations and meditatations to conquer his ‘Karm-Indriyas’ (organs of action); and he strictly observed the ‘Brahmcharya- Vrat’ (celibacy). Mirza Kak became a liberated soul and came to be recognized as ‘Swami Mirza Kak ji Maharaj’. Swami Ji renounced the world and went into ‘Samadhi’ on 2nd non-lunar day of the month of ‘Jeshth’ at the age of 86. He is revered as ‘guru’, ‘Sadhu’, ‘Rishi’ and ‘Swami’ by Hindus and Muslims alike who believe that He attained the insight In ultimate and hidden truths and achieved intimate union of the soul with God through contemplation.

Despite nearly two centuries having rolled by since Swami Mirza Kak ji Maharaj lived, people bow at his Samadhi out of great veneration and faith and seek his blessings for transformation and sense perfection. My words may seem more likely less unbelievable that with a view to catching a hint of the great Guru’s (Saints) fragrance, I shut my eyes for 2-3 minutes to get a feel of the early morning cool-breeze and redolence of flowers and incense near his Samadhi at village Hangalgund before starting my routine of daily labor; and I invoke his aid and blessings for a hassle-free fruition of the task in hand before venturing to accomplish that because I am convinced irrevocably that through this, my mind gets filled with positive energy that invariably helps me to pull out of the mire of cynicism and despair. I have a belief, firmly rooted, that Swami Mirza Kak ji Maharaj, popularly known as ‘Kak Saeb’, an apostle of true knowledge who cultivated in himself purity, truthfulness and simplicity all through his life to attain bliss, is a divine personality and a great Guru; and wherever I seek him, I feel his fragrance!

A beacon light that shines with unfading glow to guide the destinies of devoted seekers of ultimate truth, the God realization, the 18th century great saint and mystical poet, Swami Mirza Kak ji Maharaj, has bequeathed hundreds of ‘ Vakhas’ (aphoristic verses ), abounding in condensed metaphors and imagist phrases, to encapsulate highest knowledge about self and god-realization. His simple yet philosophical teachings have moulded the individual as well as the collective behavior of his devotees. He is revered for his pure, clean, good, wholesome, calming, and peaceful tendencies (Sattvic) and is one among the great Mystics of the country and has a high place in the galaxy of the saints of Kashmir!

Swami Mirza Kak fervently prayed and exhorted the path seekers to pray for divine grace. According to him, what is required is the devotion to God with purity of heart and concentration of mind. He says: “Bhakhtis Dai cho czaran: Baliki toori pateh laran; lache manzeh tus cho garan: bhajan naam Rameh-Ramai”. (God is in search of his devotee: He runs after his devotee; He searches millions to traces his devotee: go on chanting the name of ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’).

(The Author is a former Superintendant of Police).

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