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National Bravery Awards 2015

Winners of the National Bravery Awards, 2015; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, January 19, 2016

Remount Veterinary Corps

The Times of India, Jan 27 2016

After 26 yrs, K-9 unit on Rajpath 

A glimpse of India's canine might amid the country's military prowess got the crowd to their feet when a squad of 36 dogs and their handlers marched down Rajpath during the 67th Republic Day Parade. It was after a gap of 26 years that the Republic Day parade saw a canine contingent. Decked up in striped maroon and gold coats and marching past in coordinated strides, the “silent warriors“ of the Indian Army belonging to the Remount Veterinary Corps were led by Captain Anurag Chandram Hati Boruah.

The contingent comprised German Shepherds and Labra dors specially trained in explosives and mine detection, tracking, guarding and attack.

The marching canines were chosen out of 1,200 Army dogs and trained for weeks for the parade. The dogs and trainers have won a Shaurya Chakra, six Sena Medals, 143 Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Cards and six Vice Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Cards. The dogs have been apart of operations in J&K and the Northeast and have helped in detecting explosives.

The handlers also wore drill boots to avoid injuring the dogs. Instead of extending their left foot in the at-ease position, they extended their right foot to synchronise their steps with the dogs.

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