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Saloni (Pakistani actress)


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Saloni was the most amazing and well known film actress of Pakistan. Here you will know about her biography and personal information. Saloni was known for her best films that she worked in her lifetime career. There were lots and lots of fans and lovers of her because she was the marvelous performer and entertainer for Pakistani people. Saloni was died at the age of 60 years on 15 October 2010 in Karachi Pakistan.

Acting Career

Saloni was started her acting career from films in 1960; she worked in many marvelous and fantastic films of Pakistan. The people of that time really appreciated her movies also liked her acting and performance. Even most of Pakistani people were the fans and lovers of Saloni.

Complete filmography

Pakistani all actors’ photos

Saloni (Pakistani actress)

First film: Ghadar ((Urdu) - 1964)

Last film: Ameer te Gharib (1979)

She was Mrs. Bari Malik - the film studio owner in Lahore.

SNo. Year Films Language Actors

1 1964 Ghadaar (Urdu) Saloni, Sudhir, Mohammad Ali, Firdous, Mazhar Shah

2 1965 Aisa bhi hota hai (Urdu) Zeba, Kemal, Lehri, Saloni, Mohammad Ali (guest)

3 1965 Phanney Khan (Punjabi) Shirin, Sudhir, Saloni, Allauddin, Ajmal, Sawan

4 1966 Jalwah (Urdu) Shamim Ara, Darpan, saloni, Ejaz, Rukhsana, Kumar

5 1966 Sarhad (Urdu) Husna, Ejaz, Saloni, Allauddin

6 1966 Sawaal (Urdu) Sabiha, Santosh, saloni, Ejaz, Sawarn Lata, Nazir

7 1966 Khota Paisa (Urdu) Saloni, Mohammad Ali, M. Ismael, Aslam Pervez

8 1966 Aadil (Urdu) Saloni, Mohammad Ali, M. Ismael, Adeeb

9 1966 Baghi Sardar (Urdu) Saloni, Mohammad Ali, Ghazala, Zahoor Raja, Adeeb

10 1966 Lori (Urdu) Zeba, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Saloni, Talat Siddiqi

11 1967 Dil da Jani (Punjabi) Neelo, Habib, Saloni, Mazhar Shah, Allauddin

12 1967 Elaan (Urdu) Saloni, Ejaz, Allauddin

13 1967 Gunahgar (Urdu) Husna, Habib, Saloni, Ejaz, Allauddin

14 1967 Hatim Tai (Urdu) Saloni, Mohammad Ali, Rukhsana, Adeeb

15 1968 Badla (Punjabi) Saloni, Yousuf Khan, Aliya, Sultan Rahi, Zeenat

16 1968 Bau Jee (Punjabi) Firdous, Ejaz, Yousuf Khan, Saloni, Allauddin

17 1968 Chann Makhna (Punjabi) Sudhir, Rani, Saloni, Inayat Bhatti, Asad, Sawan

18 1968 Chheen lai azadi (Urdu) Rani, Sudhir, Saloni

19 1968 Dhol Jani (Punjabi) Saloni, Habib, Mazhar Shah

20 1968 Do Bhai (Urdu) Saloni, Ejaz, Hanif

21 1968 Do Mutiyaran (Punjabi) Firdous, Habib, Saloni, Munawar Zarif, Mazhar Shah

22 1968 Doosri Shadi (Urdu) Deeba, Ejaz, Saloni, Yousuf Khan, Rangeela, Ilyas

23 1968 Hameeda (Punjabi) Firdous, Ejaz, Saloni, Yousuf Khan, Allauddin

24 1968 Jumma Junj naal (Punjabi) Saloni, Habib, Naheed, Mazhar Shah and Allauddin

25 1968 Mehndi (Punjabi) Saloni, Allauddin, Munawar Zarif

26 1968 Mouj Bahar (Punjabi) Saloni, Ejaz, Mazhar Shah

27 1968 Sajjan Pyara (Punjabi) Rani, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Saloni, Kaifee

28 1968 Shehnshah-e-Jahangir (Urdu) Sabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Saloni

29 1968 Sohna (Punjabi) Saloni, Habib, Mazhar Shah

30 1968 Wali Ehad (Urdu) Saloni, Habib, Mazhar Shah

31 1968 Zalim (Urdu) Saloni, Allauddin, Rangeela

32 1968 Balam (Urdu) Zeba, Darpan, Saloni, Asla, Mohammad Ali

33 1969 Bhaian di jori (Punjabi) Saloni, Sudhir, Habib

34 1969 Jind Jan (Punjabi) Rani, Inayat Bhatti, Kaifee, Saloni, Mazhar Shah

35 1969 Jio Dhola (Punjabi) Saloni, Yousuf Khan, Iqbal Hassan

36 1969 Shabistan (Urdu) Saloni, Sudhir, Adeeb

37 1969 Waryam (Punjabi) Sudhir, Saloni, Habib, Rangeela, Mazhar Shah

38 1970 Anwara (Punjabi) Naghma, Ejaz, saloni, Iqbal Hassan, Sawan

39 1970 Badar Munirdi (Urdu) Saloni, Kemal, Lehri, Talish

40 1970 Darindah (Urdu) Saloni, Sudhir, Tailsh, Allauddin

41 1970 Guddo (Punjabi) Saloni, Habib, Naheed

42 1970 Reshmaa (Urdu) Saloni, Sudhir, Iqbal Hassan

43 1970 Takht-o-Taj (Urdu) Saloni, Saleem, Talish

44 1971 Bhaian baj na jorian (Punjabi) Saloni, Iqbal Hassan, Sultan Rahi

45 1971 Ghunghroo (Punjabi) Saloni, Sudhir, Mazhar Shah

46 1971 Had bandi (Punjabi) Saloni, Habib, Ilyas Kashmiri

47 1971 Pyar de pulekhe (Punjabi) Firdous, Kaifee, Saloni, Inayat Bhatti, Asad

48 1971 Raja Rani (Urdu) Saloni, Jamaal, Zahid Khan, Aliya, Rangeela

49 1972 Dhol jawanian mane (Punjabi) Rani, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Kaifee, Saloni

50 1972 Sipah Salar (Urdu) Saloni, Ejaz, Adeeb.

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