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Lahore carpets to Netherlands in 1600s

17th-century Indian carpet found in Dutch shipwreck Dec 28 2016 : PTI

London: Fragments of a carpet -likely made in the 17th century India -along with a silk gown and other royal artefacts have been discovered from a 400-year-old shipwreck near the Netherlands. The carpet, made from silk and wool, is decorated with flowers and animals, including lions.

Based on the patterns, colors and weaving techniques, art historians concluded that the fabric was likely manufactured in Lahore, in present-day Pakistan, during the second quarter of the 17th century , researchers said.

Local divers found the Lahore carpet among other textiles in a shipwreck around Texel Island in the Wadden Sea, which was a heavily trafficked area during the Dutch Golden Age. The shipwreck was covered in sand, resulting in unusually good preservation, researchers said.

β€œIt's almost like having the fragments of an original Rembrandt in front of you,β€œ researchers were quoted as saying by the `Live Science'.

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