Crimes against newborns and the unborn: India

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The main crimes committed


The Times of India, Sep 03 2016

Treatment to newborns and the unborns, state-wise; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, Sep 03 2016

V Narayan

Maharashtra is among the first three states when it comes to crimes against newborns and the unborn, according to the latest round of data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

When it comes to abandonment of newborns, it is number one (1,093 cases during 2011-2015), and in infanticide and foeticide, number two (39 and 69 cases), as per the NCRB's 2015 report. On an average, each year sees 219 cases of abandonment, eight cases of infanticide and 14 cases of foeticide in Maharashtra.

In abandonment, the state is followed by Rajasthan (851 cases during 2011-2015), Madhya Pradesh (641), Gujarat (445) and Karnataka (323). In infanticide, Madhya Pradesh leads with 77 cases, followed by Rajasthan (65), Maharashtra, Karnataka (26) and Gujarat (2). In foeticide, again, Madhya Pradesh leads (228 cases), followed by Rajasthan (121), Maharashtra, Gujarat (10) and Karnataka (5).

The maximum punishment for infanticide and foeticide is 10 years and fine. For abandonment, it is seven years and fine. Investigators say abandonment is found in ru ral areas mainly because of poverty and also because girls are unwanted.

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