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[edit] How to make Harira at home

Times Of India


[edit] Ingredients

453 gm lamb (cubed), 1 tsp ground turmeric, 1 ½ tsp ground black pepper, ¼ tsp ground ginger, ¼ tsp ground cayenne pepper, 2 tbsp margarine, ¾ cup chopped celery, 1 onion (chopped), ½ cup diced tomatoes, 7 cups water, ¾ cup green lentil, 113 gm vermicelli, 2 eggs (beaten), 1 lemon (juiced)

[edit] Method

Place the lamb, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, celery and onion in a pot over low heat. Now stir frequently for five minutes. Next, pour the tomatoes into this mixture and let it simmer for five to ten minutes.

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