Nungshi’ in Manipuri songs

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By Tashi and Nungshi Malik

The word Nungshi

From the video of the song Hey Nungshithoiba

Nungshi means 'love' and nungshiba is 'lover' in the Manipuri language. A very large proportion of Manipuri songs contain the word nungshi and use either as a verb or as a noun.

Some examples

Bala Hijam in the song Nungshiba nangna karigi 2012 (film: Thouri )

Ahanbagi Nungshi Sheihou da: film Sel Painingmanna Khotle (2012), Raj Elangbam & Sushmita did the 'playback singing' of the song. Lyrics: Khaidem Imo, Music: Bishow Ch.

Ahouba eigi nungshi yeningda (2012) Film – Sel Painingmanna Khotle Cast - Nirmal Kangjam, Artina Thoudam, Sushmita

Apam Nungshi - Movie

Hada Nungshi Langonba

Hey Nungshithoiba album song 2012

Eina Nangbu Yamna Nungshi -

Kaya Nungshi (Thajagee Maihing) -

Nungshi Maithongdo (Nupi)...(Sarita Gazmer)

Nungshi Hairammu - Video 2014

Nungshi Maithong Ujaningi | 2014 | Chitra Pangambam

Nungshi Nangbu Ureirung – (2013)

Nungshiba nangna karigi eibu wahalliba - song 2012 (Film: Thouri ) Singers:- Pushparani & Ranbir Thouna, Music:- Ranbir Thouna, Producer: Ranjit Ningthouja's Thouri, Directed By:- Homeshori

Nungshi Nangse Nungshi

Nungshi Nungshi (Video )

Nungshi Maithong: Sadananda

Nungsibi- Album song (2012)

Tambige Nungshiba song 2012 (Soma & Rakesh)

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