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Anna University, Chennai

From the archives of India Today

Despite the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, picking the crème de la crème, Anna University, which was established in 1978, has managed to hold its own. And now with the launch of Anna University Satellite (ANUSAT), a 40-kg micro satellite designed and fabricated at the university, it is the first in India to use space technology with emphasis on micro satellite development in its syllabus. Over the years, technical education has become more extensive at Anna University as is evident from the expenditure incurred on research projects. Last year, the university spent Rs 19.49 crore on 46 different projects. The College of Engineering (CEG), in particular, has been the talking point among aspiring engineers.

Regarded as one of the finest institutes in the country for engineering, the CEG spends about Rs 16 crore every year on research projects, while 2,317 students are admitted into undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The efforts seem to have paid rich dividends to students. Last year, 135 companies came to the college campus for recruitment.

by S. Duraiarasu

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