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Your beloved free encyclopædia of South Asia was completely destroyed by a hacker in Feb 2020.
Neelotpal Mishra, who created the site’s software, has managed to revive the site as it stood in April 2019.
The Indpaedia team is working to restore all posts uploaded in the almost ten months in between. However, a complete restoration of the site is unlikely before spring 2021.
Pages that are updated constantly (e.g. on India’s economy and development, as well as pages about annual fixtures) now look as they did in April 2019.
Those of a historical nature have not been affected.
If any reader has saved the text of any post that has been hacked, it may please be sent as a message to
the Facebook community,
All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name.

Welcome to Indpaedia
Salman Khan, film actor (bottom right), in his biggest hit, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
See also Salman Khan: The Blackbuck Poaching Case, 1998 , Salman Khan: hit-and-run case, 2002, Shah Rukh Khan vs. Salman Khan: the cold war, Sultan (2016) and Iulia Vantur, as well as Tubelight (2017), in which Salman acts opposite Zhu Zhu, the controversial actress from China
Scheduled caste talents in Indian cinema
Readers Ashok Shambharkar, Ravidassia Vicky and Sarin Baboo added to this page by sending information to the Facebook community,
Above: Daler Mehndi
Of Indpaedia’s 5,250 pages in the category ‘Places,’ Delhi, its monuments, neighbourhoods and economy, and the National Capital Region (India): An introduction have been covered in more than 168 pages. See Delhi: Home page/ factfile.
Mysore State: General, as it stood in 1909, and Chennai/ Madras account for several dozen pages each and Mumbai: Home page/ factfile/ general issues, Kolkata/ Calcutta (main page) for almost a hundred.
Above: Delhi: Nizam-ud-din basti and shrine
Almost every day the Hon’ble Supreme Court: India and the Judiciary, superior: India pass orders of interest to all readers. These are archived on the relevant page, e.g. Divorce: India and Television: India .
In addition, there are pages on Judicial delays/ pendency: India, Supreme Court, India: Administrative issues, Supreme Court: India: Chief Justices, Supreme Court: India: Sitting judges, and, on the history of the collegium debate, Judicial appointments, senior: India
Most of our articles have been scanned from pre-1947, British Raj records. Therefore, some of them contain scann1ng errcrs.
Divya Grace Dilip edited the page Monogenea: India and remcved all svch m1stakcs. Divya is an Assistant Professor in Zoology. She sent the corrected page to the Facebook community,

Every day , since March 2013, Indpaedia’s volunteers have been browsing selected Indian newspapers and magazines to spot articles and statistical graphs about ALL things Indian that are Fit to Archive.

We add or update around fifteen contemporary articles a day, normally within a day of their publication (except when our volunteers, who are mostly students, are preparing for their exams).

Another Indpaedia team has been uploading articles about the cities, towns and villages, and castes, tribes and communities of the Indian sub-continent, mainly sourced from libraries of the British ‘Raj’ (roughly covering the period 1890- 1930)

Indpaedia’s own library has another 75,000 newspaper clippings from the period 1993-2013, waiting to be optically scanned and then uploaded, when resources permit.

You can update existing pages or suggest new ones by sending information and photographs as messages to the Facebook community, All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name.

If you find anything posted on Indpaedia offensive or if your article or photograph has been used without your permission or without due acknowledgement, please report it to the same page.

About: Indpaedia is an unfunded, volunteer-run, not- for- profit, archive-cum-encyclopædia that hopes to contain information about every Indian (if possible, South Asian) topic of general interest.

Our country-wise links (above) are not working too well right now, but we already have a few hundred articles each about Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. We have uploaded roughly 14,100 articles about India so far. You can find the information you want through the ‘Search’ box (top right) or through these country-wise indexes.

General knowledge for researchers—and for the civil services and other ‘competitive’ exams: Detailed, year-wise statistics are available on Indpaedia about almost every topic likely to be of use to those studying India (and, wherever possible, South Asia).

Indpaedia’s goal is to have a page about every sub-caste and tribe (we have covered around 5,850 Communities so far); every town, no matter how small (we have already uploaded over 5,250 articles about Places); every animal and plant; every higher secondary school and college; every aspect of our Economy-Industry-Resources; everyone connected with Cinema-TV-Pop, currently or in the past; indeed, every aspect of our sub-continent.

When resources permit, Indpaedia will enable readers to post new articles and updates directly, as on Wikipedia.

Indpaedia is based in Jammu, New Delhi/ NOIDA, Jaipur and Leh. (About Us)

Recently posted/ updated articles
Many of Indpaedia’s 5,850-odd pages on the communities of the Indian sub-continent contain just one sentence, and await more details from readers.
Others are as detailed as Indpaedia’s Bohra series, which includes Bohra cuisine, Bohras, Dawoodi: and Kufa, Dawoodi Bohra, Syedna, the Dawoodi Bohras’ spiritual leader
Above: A Bohra mosque.
In addition to a book- length page on Rajinikanth, Indpaedia has pages about Kabali, Kochadaiiyaan and Lingaa (2014) Above: 2.0 (hopefully, 2018)

Links to articles uploaded/ updated in the last few days/ weeks will be found on the Facebook page, on the Timeline and in the right-hand column ‘VISITOR POSTS.'
Some of the articles posted/ updated in recent months are:
Above: The mausoleum of Saint Francis Xavier (1696) at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa (Borea Jezuchi Bajilika). On top of it is the silver casket that holds the saint’s body. Both were gifted by the last of the Medicis, Cosimo III, The Grand Duke of Tuscany.
Also see St. Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Joseph Vaz, Saint Alphonsa Muttathupadathu, Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, Blessed Rani Maria/ Regina Mariam Vattalil, Sister Euphrasia Eluventhinkal, Saint Devasahayam Pillai...
Readers from Pakistan have helped us create a very detailed page on Benazir Bhutto.
Indpaedia has fifteen comprehensive pages on the Pakistan Movement, more than ten on Pakistan History: The Land And Its Early History , two on Gulgee I, several on the cities of Pakistan and a very popular biography of Waheed Murad.
See also Abdul Sattar Edhi, Asma Jahangir and Malala Yousafzai.
Raags/ ragas and Thaats: Hindustani and Taal/ tãl: Hindustani.
Above: An early 17th century, provincial Mughal miniature depicting Shankara, son of Raag Megh.
Indpaedia has a year-wise Rich List: India series, based on Forbes as well as Hurun.
1857: The events Indpaedia has nine pages on the epochal events.
Anatomical measurements/ Body proportions: South Asia Average height and penis size in South Asian countries.
Celebrity List: India 2013, 2014, 2016
Census India 1931: Caste, Tribe, And Race The 1931 census was the last to record caste. Indpaedia has twenty pages on this critical census.
Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) Which is the best IIT? What is the class background of its students?
Lahore: A-E Ten articles about Lahore.
Madras Presidency, 1908 and 5,250 other cities and towns across undivided India and Myanmar.
Nambūtiri Brāhman, Pathan: Tribes of Bannu (seven articles on the Pathans) and 5,100 other sub-castes of undivided India and Myanmar..
Nepal earthquakes: 2015-16 A book-length account.
The Constitution of India: Amendments Five articles, covering all amendments
World Cup (cricket): history Twelve articles, one on each Cup.
Are serious biographies of glamour girls possible? Have there been difficult times that those smiles hide?
Try Anushka Shetty, Archana Paneru, Kangana Ranaut, Katrina Kaif- Ranbir Kapoor: the relationship, Parveen Babi, Poonam Pandey, Protima Bedi , Qandeel Baloch, Rakhi Sawant,Rehana Fathima, Sunny Leone
Above: Mamta Kulkarni, actress
Sachin Tendulkar 1: A timeline A book-length profile in two parts.
The pages Box office records of Hindi-Urdu films,Box office records of Kannada films, Box office records of Malayalam films, Tamil cinema: list of all-time hits and Box office records of Telugu films are quite detailed. However, readers are invited to update and enrich these pages by sending statistics and other details to the Facebook community,
Above: Anushka Shetty in India's biggest domestic hit, Bahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)

Steps to Write/Post an article

New articles as well as additional information about existing articles may please be sent as messages to the Facebook community, All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name. Once our software is ready you will be able to post articles directly.

The Maring Uparup Assembly provided the text and photographs for Indpaedia’s ten pages on The Maring Community
See also Nagaland: customary law, customary courts
Assamese cinema. Reader Gohain contributed.
See also Assamese theatre .
Miss Mizoram 2018
Vai volunteers have created pages on aspects as diverse as the series on Miss Mizoram: history and Mizoram: Football on the one hand, and on the other Mizoram: From ancient times to 1946, Mizoram: A brief chronology (1946-1997) , Mizoram 1870-1926: Christianity and literacy , Mizo religion, culture, beliefs, songs, oral literature
Why don’t you send materials for even more pages?
Reader Sajeeth Naveen Lourdes created the pages Colour films in Tamil and Colour films in Telugu by sending photographs and information to the Facebook community, Sajeeth also enhanced the page Colour films in Hindi-Urdu.
1. Search the topic of the article that you want to add in the search bar.
2. If the topic does not exist then you can add an article with this topic by clicking on the red link.
3. After clicking on the red link you will be redirected to the edit page of this article.
4. Save this page to post the article.
5. You must be signed in to post an article.
Bharat Ratna, Padma awards

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