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Iulia Vantur’s sketch has reportedly been made by Salman Khan

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How the Romanians see the Iulia-Salman romance

Indpaedia’s note: The March 21, 2016 issue of Click . , which is Romania’s leading tabloid, referred to Iulia Vantur (spelt Iuliei Vântur, and not Iulia Vântur in Romanian) as "Doamna Khan" which translates as the "future Mrs Khan" (and not as "the royal Mrs Khan" as two of India’s most respected publications translated it, and as late as on 16 August 2016 at that). For a full, though hurried, translation of that article, see below. It has been posted without editing because of the sudden interest in this article in the Indian media.

Indpaedia will try to post a better translation of the article by the end of August 2016.

All photographs in this section are from Click .

Marry! 7 Signs that Yulia Vantur is the future Mrs. Khan

By George Chelu (Gheorghe Chelu): From the March 21, 2016 issue of Click , which is which is Romania’s leading tabloid.

Even though filming in Cyprus on 'Celebrity Farm' heart Vantur Julia (35) is still in India, Salman Khan boyfriend (50 years). When is there a spoiled star as a diva. Even if the two do not make statements about their relationship, which lasts two years, the pictures say it all, and Indian journalists found seven signs that Yulia's future Mrs. Khan.

Iulia Vantur
The large number in the corner corresponds to the number of the ‘Sign’ indicated in Gheorghe Chelu’s article.
Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .

1. Julia's passion for painting, as Salman Khan - Indian actor is passionate about art and in his spare time, he relaxes by painting. Before you know, Julia was not so. But now he is, and learned to sing and dance Indian music.

2. Julia adores his granddaughter's favorite Salman - When is a friend of Salman, Yulia has a very close relationship with one of his nieces, which it considers as a daughter. Indian journalists are sure that little, that Yulia embraces the image of Salman's favorite.

3. When you go to India, Salman Yulia lives in his apartment - apartment living has actor who lives in a giant poster with him. In several pictures Yulia, poster appears in the background, a sign that Yulia passed by Salman's house. And behind the couch is the same, so ...

Iulia Vantur
The large number in the corner corresponds to the number of the ‘Sign’ indicated in Gheorghe Chelu’s article.
Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .

4. Julia is already preferred by the family of Salman - In any interview, Julia spoke beautifully of his parents and family in general. But I found it difficult to convince Salman's family members and it's a decent woman can be a good match. I was difficult to convince the actor's sister, who is near Khan's night and day. This also often criticized Julia, asking for more discretion. But the two were reconciled.

5. Ride horse lover of Indian megastar - Everyone knows that Salman has a stud farm in India preferred. It was not infrequently, rode and rode Yulia.

Iulia Vantur
The large number in the corner corresponds to the number of the ‘Sign’ indicated in Gheorghe Chelu’s article.
Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .

6. Borrow clothes from each other - Vantur not escaped unnoticed even when borrowed an overcoat or a hat from Salman. If we look carefully, are seen that are the same.

7. Yulia doing fitness in the gym's Salman - There are images that Yulia is a gym, and it is right in Salman's house. Evidence appears during an interview the actor gave him on the spot at the gym. It's the same door that easily recognize.

Iulia Vantur
The large number in the corner corresponds to the number of the ‘Sign’ indicated in Gheorghe Chelu’s article.
Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .
Salman Khan has been a regular in the pages of Romania’s leading tabloid, Click , from which this picture has been taken.

Two months have passed since Iulia Vântur arrived in "Celebrity Farm" show which began to be broadcast on ProTV on 17 February. Filming takes place in advance so that Yulia longer has time for sightseeing or meetings with friends. The other day, she was visiting Buyuk Hanmi, "an oasis of calm in tumultuous mix of Nicosia city that lives twice in different ways," as he wrote on Instagram. In addition, along with Oana Tache (28 years), special reporter from Voice of Romania reached the "Camel Park", where they traveled by camel.

Salman Khan, trouble with the law

Bollywood star, aged 50 years, is hardly a good guy. In 1998, Salman Khan was caught poaching an antelope with spiral horns. And not only that: he had on his arms which had not allowed. The process was delayed until today and, on 10 March, Khan pleaded not guilty claiming that "has been falsely implicated in this case." He relies on the fact that much of the evidence in the file no longer current times, times that witness testimonies have changed.

So he managed to get away on 23 December 2015 when the court ruled that he was innocent of killing a man on 28 September 2002. Khan has escaped the 5 years in prison, which had previously been convicted of injuring four people and the Bandra killing one, after drinking up driving his Land Rover. Later, witnesses changed their statements, the lawyers showed that blood samples were compromised because the "plasma fermented" because of incorrect storage.

And 21 of the 56 ‘Signs’ spotted by TOI...

Iulia Vantur filming in Cyprus

Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .
Iulia Vantur’s abs
Iulia Vantur in Indian clothes.
Picture: From Romania’s leading tabloid, Click .
Iulia Vantur in sari
Iulia Vantur with friend Marius Moga. Iulia has denied ever having been married
Iulia Vantur in a wedding dress. The gentleman with her is Marius Moga. Iulia has denied ever having been married

Salman Khan - Iulia Vantur's alleged love life By Shreya Thakur et al, The Times of India, August 16, 2016

1 Salman Khan, who was in Ladakh to shoot for Kabir Khan’s war-drama ‘Tubelight’, touried the state, visiting hospitals and even monasteries. The actor paid a visit to the Thikse Monastery, where he had the chance to sit down for a meeting with the Dalai Lama. Salman took his rumoured ladylove Iulia Vantur along to meet the 14th Dalai Lama. Although pictures doing the rounds do not feature her in it, The Times of India got our hands on a pic of the Romanian beauty sitting by Sallu’s side during the meeting which took place on August 11, 2016. According to reports, Iulia is shooting a documentary where she will be exploring Ladakh and filming every bit of its beauty.

2 Iulia took to her social media handle, which is now private, to share a picture of a sketch that looks like is signed by none other than Salman Khan himself. Although she hasn't mentioned his name and the duo follow strict rules of not mentioning each other on their social media accounts, the signature on the left draws resemblance to that of Mr. Khan. "For a second try to see yourself through the eyes of a stranger, your loved one and an old friend," she captions it. Ahem! Nice cropping done there Ms. Vantur or should we say to be Mrs. Khan?

3 Iulia Vantur becoming the apple of his family's eyes. The latest addition to the list is Malaika Arora Khan. Even though the two took trips to a popular salon in Bandra separately, but that did not deter the actress from stopping by and greeting her rumoured sister-in-law. This happened when Malaika was seen coming out of a popular suburban salon when Iulia too was on her way to the same venue. Malaika, who was making her way to her car parked outside, took notice of Iulia and made sure she went and exchanged pleasantries with her.

4 Sallu’s closest friends have started referring to his rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur as ‘bhabhi’.

5 Iulia has allegedly gifted Salman’s ‘Tubelight’ core team members, the latest smart phones. She has also gifted Sallu’s bodyguard and his man Friday the same model of smart phones, to show that she cared for them too.

6 At a 2016 event, Salman admitted that he is being pressurised to settle down by his sisters and mother and quipped that the day will be November 18, but also stated that he has not finalised the year. As the actor has refused to budge with any details about his wedding, the media questioned his sister Arpita at a recent event, hoping to get some tiny details. Arpita said, “I am not answering that question, you can ask him to talk about it.”

7 Iulia has also reportedly got the Khan family’s seal of approval and the proof’s in their presence at her recent birthday party. Salman Khan threw a special birthday bash for his Iulia Vantur as the beauty turned 36. Amid the presence of friends and family including Alvira Khan, Arpita Khan, Aayush Sharma, Amrita Arora, Sohail’s wife Seema Khan

8 If reports are to be believed then the Romanian beauty is going out of her way to help Salman get his dream farmhouse made to perfection in Gorai. Onlookers have also seen the two visiting the location on and off and recently the two spent hours chatting with the architects in the vicinity. Although the construction work of the farmhouse is on a halt due to monsoons, and is expected to begin around September, Iulia and Salman like to pay a visit to keep a check on the ongoing proceedings of the house from time to time.

9 ‘Sultan’ : Iulia Vantur found a unique way to promote the film. The Romanian television star, took to her photo sharing account to show her support and share a funny meme on the popular soundtrack 'Baby ko bass pasand hai'. Iulia and Salman may not have made their relationship status official, but they did make sweet music together for the ‘Sultan’ music album. The two rumoured lovers crooned the unplugged version of the party track. Much to his fans delight, Salman released a new version of the hit track on Twitter with his vocals. But here’s a twist to the tale, the female vocal of the song also features Salman’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur! The credits of Salman’s version of the song on YouTube states - ‘Singer: Salman Khan, Iulia Vantur’.

10 Iulia Vantur spent some quality time and posing for pictures with Salman's nephew Ahil, Salman's sister Arpita and brother-in-law Aayush Sharma's son Ahil who was just a few months old then.

11 Salman has now decided to provide security to Iulia and has already instructed his best man Shera to work towards it, ASAP! Needless to say, Shera has already started interviewing right candidates to guard Iulia from prying eyes of Salman's fans and detractors (and even media at a few occasions we guess). While the interviews of guards are in full swing, Salman has asked a couple of his personal guards to be by his alleged ladylove's side and ensure that she is given the best security possible.

12 The person who Salman shared his coffee mug with is none other than his rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur. Recently, Salman's co-star from 'Sultan', Randeep Hooda, who plays his coach in the film, shared a picture of him and Salman together, chilling on the sets of the film wherein Salman is seen holding a coffee mug. Interestingly, Iulia had shared a picture of her holding a coffee mug which is exactly similar to that of Salman's. Iulia being spotted with Salman more often than not and accompanying him to almost every schedule of Sultan can't be coincidence, no?

13 Salman Khan’s rumoured soon-to-be better half is not keen on having her beau mingle with a few of [his lady friends]. Precisely Daisy Shah! If a source close to the Khandaan is to be belived, Iulia had asked Salman to maintain distance with his ‘Jai Ho’ co-star, but despite of her multiple requests, the actor paid no heed to her. The Romanian beauty then approached the senior members of the Khandaan post which, Salman, along with Arpita, has been instructed to keep at bay from Daisy.

14 Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur drove their fans to frenzy yet again by attending Arpita Khan Sharma's birthday bash together. Salman arrived along with Iulia and his mother, Salma.

15 Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur got gossip mills churning out reports on an impending marriage ever since they made a joint appearance at Preity Zinta's wedding reception a few months ago. It has also been widely reported that Salman's mother is very fond of the Romanian TV presenter. Thus it came as no surprise when Iulia was seen enjoying the Eid celebrations with Salman's family members and friends. Salman's sister Arpita Khan Sharma.

16 A day before the release of his film 'Sultan,' his Eidi to his fans, Salman Khan hosted a special screening for his close friends and family members. The screening was attended by a bevvy of Bollywood celebs, including Sidharth Malhotra, Karan Johar, Daisy Shah, Waluscha, Riteish Deshmukh, among others. But the most special guest was Iulia Vantur, who not only attended the screening but arrived and left with Salman Khan too. According to reports, Salman's ex-flame Katrina Kaif attended the evening screening, while Iulia chose to attend the 9 pm screening of the film. Speculations are rife that Iulia chose to attend the late show to avoid running into Kat.

17 Before going on a cycling spree with Shah Rukh, Salman chose his alleged ladylove Iulia Vantur. According to reports, a day before Salman went for a ride with Shah Rukh, he had gone cycling with Iulia in the morning at 4 am. Both of them then went to Mount Mary and spent some quality time together.

18 Iulia Vantur upset about Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman' remark? Iulia Vantur knows her mind. Reportedly, the Romanian beauty gave Salman an earful after she came to know about the incident. Not just that, she allegedly even asked the actor to be more careful regarding his public image because of his brand Being Human since such mistakes would ruin whatever he has built so far.

19 Iulia restricted her social media account post controversy Iulia Vantur has had the good sense to restrict her Instagram account, where she routinely posts strategically picked out pictures from her life with the Bhai, including weekend getaways to his Panvel and Karjat farmhouses.

20 At Baba Siddiqui's annual iftaar party, Mr. Khan managed to sneak some time out for his ladylove Iulia Vantur. The 50-year-old actor was spotted at a suburban joint having dinner and spending quality time with the Romanian beauty.

21 Iulia Vantur is house hunting these days. The lady who just returned to India with Salman after accompanying him to Budapest for the last shooting schedule of his upcoming film ‘Sultan,' is currently looking to settle down in Mumbai. The Romanian TV presenter is reportedly planning to either rent a flat or buy one close to Salman's Galaxy apartment in Bandra.

Was Iulia Vantur ever married?

Now, this is an open challenge posed by Salman Khan's alleged girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, who has recently shared a post on her Instagram account saying that she was never married. According to reports, Iulia Vantur was dating Marius Moga, a Grammy nominated Romanian producer, composer and singer, famous in Eastern and Central Europe initially. However, a picture of her supposed 'marriage' has been doing the rounds on the internet, but the Romanian lady is in no mood to accept it. In fact, she posted, "Dear friends, I didn't feel the need to react to any rumors...But now I think I should state clearly that I was never married and I am in no hurry to wear my wedding dress.”

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