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Personal details

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant changing clothes: from a ‘leaked’ MMS, March 2017
Rakhi Sawant changing clothes: from a ‘leaked’ MMS, March 2017
Rakhi Sawant changing clothes: from a ‘leaked’ MMS, March 2017
Rakhi Sawant changing clothes: from a ‘leaked’ MMS, March 2017

Born November 25, 1978 in Bombay

Thus spake Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood Life

So I wouldn't mind marrying Swami Ramdev. He has loads of money and drives expensive cars. If this wedding happens, you all will get to see a glamorous sadhvi. Wouldn't that be interesting?" She concluded, "Baba toh aap logon ke liye hain. Mere liye toh woh Swami hi hain. I hope he doesn't call me 'behen'. If Imagine TV plans to do another "Swayamvar" for me, they'll have to get Swami Ramdev on the show. In fact, I'll try my best to get— Speaking about her marriage Rakhi once said this

Aamir Khan and I are similar. Neither of us has ever got an award, but then we have got credit from our audiences. – At an awards show, when she was asked what she thought of awards.

All thеѕе people – thе Sheilas аnd thе Munnis – аrе аll paani kum chai (insipid). I аm аnd wіll always bе thе original item girl. – At an event when she was asked about the rising trend of top leading ladies doing item numbers.

Also, if doing item numbers makes you an item girl, even Aishwarya Rai is an item girl.

Chitting [cheating] kia hai sabkey saath

Gogoi is a very good friend of mine. I have met him on three-four occasions. Actually he invited me to meet him. We had very good conversation whenever we met. Gogoi is a nice man—The ‘good friend’ is Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. Not only this, the actor also plans to wear a Sadar-Mekhla for the CM and also dance Bihu with him.

I fail to understand as to why no one has offered me roles like the ones offered to the legendary actor Smita Patil. – In an interview during the shoot of Buddha Mar Gaya she said she wanted to move away from item songs and concentrate on acting.

I wanna wear the same kind of C String panty during the show which American reality TV star Kim Kardashian wore in one of her shows. It doesn’t have strings and it’s a very brave act to wear it. – During the launch event of her TV show Gajab Prem Ki Ajab Kahaaniya

I want to solemnise my marriage in the presence of all my fans who have been supportive of me throughout and what better way than getting married on national television?"

I’m sure Swami Ramdev will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein. – This was Rakhi’s reaction to Baba Ramdev when he called her marriage proposal indecent.

If Kangna is so publicity hungry, she should have kissed Mika for the song (Jugni) and become famous. Why resort to talking about Rakhi Sawant to gain mileage? – When Kangna said in an interview that she wasn’t Rakhi Sawant to kiss singer Mika.

If Salman Khan is a virgin so am I

It seems Katrina really likes me – in Chikni Chameli, she is again following me…. – In an interview when she was asked to give her views on Katrina Kaif’s Chikni Chameli.

Jab Amitabh sir gaa sakte hain, Shahrukh ji gaa sakte hain, Aamir ji aur Sanjay ji gaa saktey hain to main Rakhi Sawant kyun na gaaoon? Main bhi gaoongii!

Jo cheez bhagwan nahi deta wo doctor deta hai— On plastic surgery

Jo God nahi deta, woh doctor de deta hai!

Mahesh Bhatt is signing Sunny Leone for Jism 2 only for her nudity. After all, it makes things easier for the filmmaker. In any case, he makes his heroines shed clothes, so it will make things easy for him because Sunny has already shed her clothes long back! – When she heard that Mahesh Bhatt had signed porn star Sunny Leone for Jism 2 after her eviction from Bigg Boss 5.

She said: "Without sex appeal there is no talent and without talent there is no sex appeal.

Quotes from the Swayamvar TV series

The girl you see in the show is the real me.

Unlike popular perception, I am quite a traditional girl at heart, I want to do my husband's seva.

Sita had her swayamvar, so why can’t I?

I am the daughter of the media.

Given a chance, I can give a better cricket commentary than Mandira!

My huzbend should be big-hearted, a man who respects women, should make me laugh and be able to dance. I have all these qualities and I don’t want people to think hoor ke bagal mein langoor.

I believe in the age old concept of Jeena Marne Ke Kasme.

My husband should earn at least Rs 5000 a month, so he can be rickshaw driver as well. Alternatively a doctor, engineer or even actor will also do.

No, I will check all suitors properly. I will test ride them all.

Rahul Gandhi is a good bet. Hope he sees me today as I look very beautiful in the bride's outfit. – On which celebrity is a dream husband

Like Draupadi in Mahabharata, I want to marry all 16 of the contestants because all of them are great people.

I want my man to approach me like Salman Khan, speak to me like Aamir Khan and kiss my hand like Shahrukh Khan.

Saas bilkul Lalita Pawar ki tarah hona chahiye. Saas bilkul spaicy honi chahiye, kyunki unki bahu mein itna spaaice hai.

Meri dil ki ghanti nahi baji. – On why she eliminated Rishi


As an actor

1997 Agnichakra

1998 Manmohini

1999 Chudail No.1

1999 Dil Ka Sauda

1999 Krantipath

1999 Lafdaa

1999 Madam Don

2000 Joru Ka Ghulam

2000 Kurukshetra

2001 6 Teens

2001 Ehsaas: The Feeling

2002 Badmaash No.1

2002 Gautam Govinda

2002 Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

2003 Aanch

2003 Bad Boys

2003 Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne

2003 Om

2003 Patth

2003 Uthsaham

2004 Gambeeram

2004 Main Hoon Na

2004 Manini

2004 Masti

2004 Padala Picklay Aamba (Short)

2004 Paisa Vasool

2004 Saatchya Aat Gharat

2005 Buddha Mil Gaya (Short)

2005 Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena

2005 Hothon Pe Aisi Baat (Short)

2005 Khamoshh... Khauff Ki Raat

2005 Mumbai Express

2005 Mumbai Xpress

2005 Pardesiya Yeh Sach Hai Piya (Short)

2005 Relax

2006 Hot Money

2006 Malamaal Weekly

2007 Buddha Mar Gaya

2007 Jhumka Gira Re (Short)

2007 Journey Bombay to Goa: Laughter Unlimited

2007 Ram Balram

2007 Shootout at Lokhandwala


2008 Bach ke Zara

2008 Gumnaam: The Mystery

2008 Krazzy 4

2008 Tu Disda (Short)

2009 Dhrona

2009 Dil Bole Hadippa!

2009 Horn 'OK' Pleassss

2009 Jhagde (Short)

2009 Love Game

2009 Marega Salaa (as Rakhee Sawant)

2009 Mudrank: The Stamp

2009 Mutthirai

2010 Bhoot (Short)

2011 Loot

2012 Qasam Se Qasam Se

2012 Valentine's Night

2013 Pooja Kiven Aa

2015 Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa

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