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H.Lalchhanhimi, Miss Mizoram 2014 Photo: Hmar Tlangsam
Some Vai's have painstakingly reconstructed the history
of the Miss Mizoram contest through volunteer effort.
If you feel that these memories need to be preserved on the Web
You can update or correct this article, and/ or send
the names/ dignified biographical details/ photographs of
any of the finalists, related to their lives before, during or
after this contest, to the Facebook page, Indpaedia.com.
All information used will be duly acknowledged.


Archival Pictures

Historical materials about Miss Mizoram/ Miss Chapchar Kut have been extremely difficult to get. Photographs have been only slightly less difficult to get. We have arranged them by date

Barbara Lalremsangi
Irene Zodinsangi
Miss Mizoram 1984: a contestant
Photographs of the Miss Mizoram 1984 contest have been best archived. However, there is reason to believe that this was the Miss Mizoram contest of 1985
Miss Mizoram 1984: another contestant
Miss Mizo (1985): Lalbiakzuali (centre) Facebook
Miss Mizoram 1985: Lal Biakzuali (Sialsuk)
Samaw Miss Mizoram 2002
Samaw Miss Mizoram 2002
Miss Mizoram 2004
Miss Mizoram Gorkha 2007 Photo: Picture: Lelte.net
Miss Mizoram 2007: The top 5 were Barbara Lalremsangi (49), Miriam Zothanpuii (74), Velossa Lalhazuali (24), Elizabeth Vanlalmawii (66) and Irene Zodinsangi (51)
Marin L. Solo Miss Aizawl College 2010
Miss Mizo 2010

Miss Mizo 1985

Lalbiakzuali won the Miss Mizo contest in 1985. She belonged to Bungkawn Aizawl and was born in Sialsuk.

Miss Mizoram 2004

Can any alert reader help us with her name?

Miss Mizoram 2005

Does any reader have the details?

Miss Mizoram 2006 to 2013

The official contest was not held.

On the other hand, Miss Kut and other contests were held.

Miss Mizoram Gorkha 2007

This was the first Miss Mizoram Gorkha 2007 Contest ever.

Miss Mizoram Gorkha 2007: Rajani Lohar. She was at the time a final year LLB student from the Chhinga Veng locality.

Miss Mizoram 2007

The top 5 were Barbara Lalremsangi, Miriam Zothanpuii, Velossa Lalhazuali, Elizabeth Vanlalmawii and Irene Zodinsangi

Miss Aizawl College 2010

Marin L. Solo

Mizoram Supermodel 2008

Please see the two photographs

Can the organisers or contestants or other readers send us the names and other details as messages to the Facebook community, Indpaedia.com. All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name.

Mizoram Supermodel contestants 2008
Mizoram Supermodel contestants 2008

Miss Mizoram 2014

See also Miss Mizoram 2014

The winners:

Miss Mizoram 2014 H. Lalchhanhimi

1st runner-up: C. Vanlalmalsawmi

2nd runner-up: Lalruatfeli

Miss Mizoram 2017

See Miss Mizoram 2017

Miss Mizoram 2018

See Miss Mizoram 2018

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