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Khawnlung Run
Khawnlung Run (Mizo), dir Mapuia Chawngthu
Khawnlung Run (Mizo), dir Mapuia Chawngthu
Elegant and beautiful Cyndy Khojol has acted in Hindi-Urdu films like ‘Khiladi 786’ (2012)
Cyndy Khojol
Hling Zinga Rose Par (Mizo)
‘Nun Krista’ (Mizo) by the Dinthar Presbyterian Church
’Vanram' (Mizo) by the Ramhlun Venglai Presbyterian Church
Hringnun kalsiam (Mizo)
Chawngtinleri (Mizo)
Cabin (Mizo)

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Mizo films/ Dulian language films

This page has been compiled and curated by a Wai/ Tephriimia

The text on this page has been taken from:

i)North-East cinemas: Interesting times/

By Utpal Borpujari, Deep-Focus, December 30, 2012 Utpal Borpujari


iii)Ignore, and be ignorant. Cinema from the Northeast has verve.

By Utpal Borpujari Outlook

iv) Teresa Rehman

Tehelka/ Mishingrenaissance September 17, 2008

Khawnlung Run

If Manipur, which already has a base built by veterans lie Aribam Syam Sharma, to build its film industry upon, in Mizoram, where in recent years a few low-budget digital films have been made, a young self-taught filmmaker has created a storm by cooking up a visually-rich digital feature film for just Rs 11 lakh – the highest-budget film made in the state ever! Titled “Khawnlung Run” (The Raid of Khawnlung), this film has achieved a level of visual quality that is being discussed quite vigorously among at least the younger generation of North-Eastern filmmakers. Directed by Lunglei-based Mapuia Chawngthu, “Khawnlung Run” is a story of doomed love set in the real backdrop of the 1856 raid of Khawnlung village by rival Lushai chieftains.

This is perhaps the first Dulian dialect (the lingua franca of the Mizos) language film to catch the attention of anyone outside Mizoram, and Chawngthu, who is the producer-director-cinematographer-editor of the film, is trying to take his film outside the state following advice from well-wishers about its potential, though his basic idea behind making it was to acquaint the youth about Mizo history and folklore through a well-made film. The film was released in local theatres and community centres of Mizoram in August and got tremendous response from the local people. And why not? This stylishly-mounted film with imaginative cinematography and tight editing has a story drawn from local history and folklore, and has commendable acting from the local cast. Shot on location around 145 km south of capital Aizawl, the film took six months to shoot, and nearly two years were spent in post-production work. The effort shows in the production value of the film!

Cyndy Khojol

Cyndy Khojol (aka Khawzawl), a Hmar Mizo, played a young Chinese woman in the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Khiladi 786′. She has also acted in the film ‘Bombay Summer’ (2009/ USA dir Joseph Mathew; lang: Hindi/ English), and Alyque Padamsee’s staging of ‘Death Of A Salesman.’



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