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Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)



Writer, Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Music: Julius Packiam

Director of photography: Artur Zurawski ...

Playback singer: Ishita ...


Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in Sultan (2016)

Salman Khan

Anushka Sharma

Randeep Hooda

Marrese Crump

Tyron Woodley

Ron Smoorenburg

Brahim Achabbakhe

Björn Freiberg

Amit Sadh

Marko Zaror

Box office collections and records

Sultan earned Rs 36.54 crore on its opening day. This was considerably lower than Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’s record partly because the film was released on a Wednesday (6 July), which was when Eid ul Fitr was supposed to be celebrated. Eid got shifted to the next day (Thurs 7 July) and Sultan was, therefore, released on a working day. Despite that the film collected massive opening day earnings.

Sultan became Salman’s 2nd Highest Opener, displacing Ready

Day One records

Biggest Eid opener Roughly Rs 36.54 crore (vs. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Rs 27.25 crore; and Chennai Express Rs 33.10 crore)

Biggest day one of 2016 Rs 36.54 crore. Vs Fan’s Rs 19.20 crore.

Highest collection in advance bookings: Rs 18 crore plus

Highest day one for a sports film [vs Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Rs 9 crore) and Mary Kom (Rs 8.4 crore)]

Highest collection on a Wednesday (vs Ek Tha Tiger’s Rs 32.92 crore)

Anushka Sharma and friend in Sultan (2016)

Highest occupancy of 2016: 80-90 per cent [vs Fan (75-80 per cent) Airlift (more than 50-60 per cent)].

Day 2 (Eid)

Rs 37.32 crore

Day 3

Rs 31.67 crore

First 3 days' (Wed, Thurs, Fri) total: Rs 105.53 crore (beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan's First 3 day record)

Overseas: Sultan earned $8.5 million (Rs58 crore) at the overseas box office in 3 days.

In three days Sultan Became the 3rd highest Grosser Of 2016; it crossed Fan's lifetime total.

Day 4 (Saturday): Rs 36.62 crore

First 4 days' (Wed-Sat) total: Rs142.15 crore, making it the year's biggest hit by then, surpassing Airlift's lifetime total of Rs127.80 crore.

It also exceeded the earnings of Dabangg 2.

Day 5 (Sunday) Rs 38.21 crore

‘5 day weekend’ total (Wed-Sunday) Rs 180.36 crore [the highest five-day collection in the history of Indian cinema]

Overseas total till Sunday: Rs90 crore.

Sultan overtook Ek Tha Tiger’s Worldwide Total, making it Salman's 5th Highest Grosser

Day 6 (Monday) Rs15.54 crore

Six days' Total Rs.195.90 crore net

At Box office records of Hindi-Urdu films> The biggest Hindi-Urdu hits> Selected lifetime totals you will notice that Rs.195.90 crore net is more than the lifetime net of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Bajirao Mastani, Bang Bang, Dabangg 2

Day 7 (Tuesday) Rs12.92 crore

Total Rs208.82 crore net

Gross Rs292 crore

Sultan crosses the Rs200 Cr mark faster than PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dhoom 3

Sultan exceeds the worldwide earnings of Happy New Year and Kick

Day 8 (Wednesday) Rs10.82 crore

Net Rs 219.64 crore

Sultan exceeds the total earnings of Dilwale, 3 Idiots and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Overseas: Rs 102.50 crore

Day 9 (Thursday) Rs 9.52 crore

Net Rs 229.16 crore

Gross 423.32 crore

Exceeds Chennai Express’ earnings; Now India's 4th Highest Worldwide Grosser

Overseas: $ 17.45 million (Rs.117.15 crore)

Sultan overtakes Prem Ratan Dhan Payo's overseas earnings.

Day 10 Rs 7.43 crore (Friday)

Total Rs236.59 crore.

Thus Sultan has crossed the lifetime collections of Kick [Rs232 crore].

Also, now Sultan is the fourth biggest all time highest grosser among Indian films.

Day 11 Rs 11.46 crore (Saturday).

Total domestic: Rs248.05 crore.

Sultan thus overtook the lifetime domestic earnings of Dhoom 3

Day 12 (Sunday) Rs 15.18 crore

Day 13 (Monday) Rs 4.08 crore

Total for 13 days Rs 267.31 crore

Day 14 (Tuesday) Rs3.72 cr

Day 15 (Wednesday) Rs 3.42 cr

Day 16 (Thursday) Rs 3.51 cr

Total for 16 days

Net Rs277.96 cr domestic)

Gross Rs388.96 crore (domestic)

overseas $21.5 million (145 crore)

Worldwide total Rs533.96 crore

Day 17 (Friday) Rs.2.14 crore (domestic net)

Day 18 (Saturday) Rs.3.81 crore (domestic net)

Day 19 (Sunday) Rs.5.14 crore (domestic net)

Total for 19 days

Domestic net Rs.289.05 crore

Domestic gross Rs. 404.6 crore

Overseas Rs145.49 crore

Worldwide total Rs550.09 crore in 19 days (vs. Dhoom 3’s worldwide lifetime total of Rs542 crore) Sultan thus became India’s 3rd biggest worldwide grosser.

23 days' total

Domestic net 293.80 crore

Domestic gross Rs. 411.32 crore

Overseas Rs. 151.92 crore

Worldwide total Rs563.24 crore in 23 days

4th weekend

Day 24 (4th Friday) Rs 0.57 crore

4th Saturday Rs 0.98 crore

4th Sunday Rs. 1.51 crore.

26 days' total, i.e. at the end of the 4th Sunday: Rs 296.86 crore, net, domestic.

Rs.415.31 crore gross domestic

International markets: Rs154.10 crore gross.

26 days' grand total: worldwide, Rs569.41 crore

28 Days' total Rs416.58 crore gross domestic (net Ts.297.56 crore); overseas Rs.161 crore Grand totalRs577.58 crore

29 Days' total Rs297.90 crore net, domestic.

After 32 days Rs418.41 crore gross (net Rs298.87 crore) domestic. Rs 162.1 crores overseas Total worldwide Rs.580.51 crores

33 Days' total Rs299.74 crore net, domestic.

After 6 weeks/ lifetime Overseas Rs168 crore ; India net Rs 300.45cr, India gross Rs. 420.49 crore; Total Rs 589 crore

The paunch sequence

Here's how Salman Khan prepared himself for the 'paunch' scene in 'Sultan'

The Times of India Jul 12, 2016

One of the most crucial scenes from Salman Khan's 'Sultan' is where the actor is standing in front of the mirror taking a look at his paunch with teary eyes. For the actor's fans, it came as a surprise to see their superstar in a weird shape like that. However, since the script of the film demanded Salman's character to do that, he did not shy away from it. But again, it wasn't just another scene for bhai. The actor was not mentally prepared for it and the director of the film, Ali Abbas Zafar had to convince him for three long months to perform the scene comfortably.

Sultan: Salman grew a paunch for the film

In an interview, Ali revealed that Salman had to make peace with himself to play the significant scene, which comes at a time when his character feels defeated. He said that they were supposed to shoot the scene in Karjat during the first schedule of the film. But since Salman was not ready to do it then, it had to be postponed. Ali disclosed that since Salman had to gain weight to come into that shape, the superstar would keep calling him worrying that he might not to be able lose his weight and come back into shape again.

Divulging details from the day when the scene was finally shot, Ali said that Salman worked out rigorously for four continuous hours before shooting it. The director stated that he did that to counter his consciousness. He further said that Salman didn't speak to anyone on the set that day and after giving the shot, the superstar left the director numb.

Convincing Salman to wear a langot

Did 'Sultan' director manipulate Salman Khan into wearing a langot?

The Times of India Jul 12, 2016

Salman Khan as 'Haryane ka sher' in his latest release 'Sultan' is roaring at the box office. Apart from its exemplary performance at ticket windows, the film has also managed to impress the film critics. But bringing out a film like that wasn't a cakewalk for the makers. The cast and crew faced numerous challenges throughout the shooting of the film. For director Ali Abbas Zafar, one challenge was to convince Salman to wear a langot. The superstar was hesitant about wearing a langot and told the director that he wanted to shoot his wrestling scenes in bicycle shorts.

In an interview, Ali revealed that he chose not to react to Salman's demand as arguing with him was not going to work. He further gave away the details of how he had to manipulate his way into making Salman wear the smallest piece of cloth he has ever worn in any of his films. Ali revealed that he spoke to Salman's trainer Jagdish Kaliraman about it and asked him to persuade Salman. One day, Jagdish suddenly asked Salman to give the size of his langot, to which he was taken aback and stated that he didn't want to wear a langot. When Jagdish firmly told him that a langot was must to wrestle in the soil, Salman was left with no choice but to give in. All this while, Ali played an innocent mediator.

YRF deny that ‘Sultan’ was first offered to Arjun Kapoor

The Times of India

Reports claim that Arjun Kapoor may have made a professional blunder when he turned down Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Sultan’.

Rumours have been running wild that director Ali discussed the film with Arjun before approaching Salman Khan. The 31-year-old star, however, turned down the part because he wasn’t very keen on making a wrestling-themed film. The actor had previously played a kabaddi player in the commercially unsuccessful ‘Tevar’.

However, producers Yash Raj Films have doused those rumours saying that there is no truth to it.

Arijit Singh’s 'Jag ghoomeya' controversy

By Hiten J Trivedi The Times of India

The song 'Jag ghoomeya' from 'Sultan' had become popular way before it had even released, thanks to singer Arijit Singh and his public apology on Facebook which gave way to a controversy that left his fans appalled and disappointed. Now, the latest development in the story is that Arijit wants producer Aditya Chopra to act as a mediator between him and Salman. Arijit is said to have spoken to Adi and requested him to intervene and help him mend the bridge with Salman Khan. However, Aditya is in no mood to do that as he fears that it might spoil his association and friendship with Salman.

Arijit had claimed that he had sung the original version of 'Jag ghoomeya' which was later replaced by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's version in the film because Salman was mighty upset with Arijit after he allegedly made fun of Salman's hosting at an award show. And if that wasn't enough, Salman too recorded a version of the song. All we can hope for is this ugly battle to come to an end and Arijit gets a Salman song to add to his repertoire.

Taurani gave Salman the 'Sultan' title free of cost

The Times of India

A veteran filmmaker held the rights to the title 'Sultan' and if it hadn't been for him, Salman, director Ali Abbas Zafar and producer Aditya Chopra wouldn't have been able to call their next action drama, 'Sultan'. When Salman learnt that producer Ramesh Taurani held the rights to the title, he immediately called and requested him and it didn't take more than a minute for Taurani to give away the title. The report states that Taurani and Salman go back a long way and if it hadn't been for Taurani, who bought the music rights of Salman's second film 'Patthar Ke Phool' for Rs 11 lakh, Khan wouldn't have got his signing amount. Taurani considers Salman as a family, so much so that when Adi Chopra decided to pay Taurani for sharing the title, he straightaway refused by saying that this was the least he could do for Salman.

'Sultan' sued for showing Muzaffarnagar as Rewari

The Times of India

A case has been filed in Uttar Pradesh against 'Sultan' and the reason behind filing the case is that the filmmakers shot certain sequences in Muzaffarnagar city of UP, but showed the place as Rewari from Rajasthan, and that apparently has upset the local people. Now this case is as bizarre as the plot of the film which was leaked sometime back. Ehtesham Siddiq, who filed the complaint, seems to believe otherwise. Siddiq said that the makers shot certain portions of 'Sultan' in Morna of Muzaffarnagar but showed it as Rewari from Rajasthan, and this, according to Siddiq, has annoyed the people of Muzaffarnagar.

Shah Rukh Khan's cameo that wasn’t

Shah Rukh Khan vs. Salman Khan: the cold war had ended even before SRK dropped in on the sets of 'Sultan' to meet Salman Khan

The Times of India

SRK had dropped in on the sets of 'Sultan' to meet Sallu and Farah Khan, who was choreographing a song for the film. (See Shah Rukh Khan vs. Salman Khan: the cold war) Some bits of the actors interacting was recorded, possibly for the making of the film. There's a scene in 'Sultan' where a celebrity is required to meet Salman. And thus, the team came up with the idea of including SRK's footage in the movie. However, the team is yet left to seek SRK's approval for the same. If SRK does give his nod for the cameo, it will be after 16 years as the duo was last seen together in 'Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega,' where SRK had appeared in a cameo.

Salman’s body double

The Times of India

Chad Guerrero, A stuntman by profession, played Salman Khan’s body double as a wrestler in his , Sultan. After having performed in TV serials like CSI Miami, House, and ventures such as Spy Kids. Accordingly, Guerrero beefed up his physique to match Salman’s.

Vs. Dangal

By Amann Khuranaa The Times of India

That Aamir Khan will be seen playing a wrestler in Dangal is something we already know. While Aamir’s film is a biopic based on the lives of Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita Kumari Phogat, Sultan is a work of fiction. Aamir has put on a lot of weight for Dangal and looks completely different from how he looked six months ago.

Sultan 2

The respected industry journal Super Cinema reports that the makers of Sultan have decided on make a sequel, Sultan 2.

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