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Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni
Mamta Kulkarni and Akshay Kumar in Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995)
Mamta Kulkarni: topless
Mamta Kulkarni: topless (left) and topfull (right)
Mamta Kulkarni: topless

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Mamta Kulkarni’s "Autobiography Of An [sic] Yogini" [1]

Mamta Kulkarni [2]

India TV News

Personal details

Full name: Mamta Mukund Kulkarni

Born: 20 April 1972, Mumbai

Pet name Rani

Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)


Within the Brahmins there are high and low clans. I come from highest Brahmin clan, the Konkanasth. I grew up with Pooja paath (religious chanting and prayer) all around me. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.


[When I was a film actress] I would go with a pooja bag filled with saamagri (prayer materials) even to my [film] shootings. I was not like the other girls who had boyfriends and who would go to discos. I would spend that time in prayer. During the nine-day Navaratri I would live only on water. I didn’t go for film shoots during those nine days. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.


Tirangaa (1992) with Raj Kumar and Nana Patekar was Mamta’s first major Hindi-Urdu film, though it was her fifth film and second Hindi-Urdu film. This propelled her into the A–league and she acted opposite almost every major Hindi-Urdu star—and many south Indian ones.

1993: The topless shoot

September, 1993: Mamta posed topless for the cover of Stardust.

In his interview to Mumbai Mirror, photographer Jayesh Sheth talked about the former Bollywood star and the infamous photo shoot where she posed for a magazine cover topless. The photographer revealed that when most A-list actresses in B-town refused to do this shoot, Mamta had agreed. "I suggested Mamta's name, pointing out her innocent face and sexy body," reminisces Jayesh. Adding, "It was a shortcut to success.

“Mamta was soon competing with another promising contender, Divya Bharti."

Jayesh further stated in his interview to Mumbai Mirror that this shoot had made Mamta an overnight star, bringing her films opposite the top heroes of the time, from Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan to Govinda.

A number of law suits were filed against her under India's obscenity laws. Mamta appeared in court in a burqa and hit out at protesters, calling them hypocrites.

The burqa, used by a siren for reasons other than Islamic modesty, offended several Muslim groups and started another controversy.

(After almost seven years of litigation, Mamta was finally convicted in July 2000, and was fined Rs 15,000.)

1993-95: success

In 1993 she starred opposite Saif Ali Khan in "Aashiq Awara" which won her a Filmfare Lux New Face Award .

In 1993 itself, Mamta worked in the film Ashant with film star Govinda. Mamta worked in nearly a dozen films in a brief span on two years, and signed up films at random for the next three years.

In 1994, she had another hit Krantiveer, produced by Salman's brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri, and acted with Nana Patekar under Mehul Kumar's direction.

Rakesh Roshan's Karan Arjun was a super hit in 1995, in which Mamta appeared with Shah Rukh Khan.

At one point of time, Mamta was working with all three great Khans in Bollywood, Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir. She did Baazi with Aamir Khan in 1995, which was a hit.

She appeared in number of films like "Sabse Bada Khiladi" (1995) which did very well at the box office. However most of her roles involved only a little more than being a love interest to the leading man of the films or glamourous dance sequences, projecting her as a sex symbol. She hardly had anything to do in the movies except a few dance sequences.

Mamta Kulkarni had regretted of being typecast as an item girl.

Film producer Madan Mohla says, ‘Mamta's mother was the reason behind her downfall, as she was greedy, and forced her daughter to sign films recklessly.’ India TV News

Mid-1990s: Disappearances

Mamta Kulkarni is said to have briefly disappeared, only to return with Rajkumar Santoshi's Ghatak. Further to reports in Mumbai Mirror, she later got embroiled in a controversy with Tinu Verma and vanished again for two years.

"Then one fine day she was back in my studio, wanting to do a photo shoot. I could see she was not in good shape, physically, and it was her do-or-die attempt. While at my studio she got a call from Dubai. After putting the phone down, she told me she planned to go abroad and get filthy rich. That was the last conversation we had, back in 1996," said photographer Jayesh.

1997: The best and worst of times

Mamta had done an item number in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s successful film Ghatak. Therefore, when Santoshi chose her as the female lead of his magnum opus China Gate (an Indian adaptation of "The Magnificent Seven"), everyone knew that she was finally in the top league. Not only did she get to act with a host of Filmistan’s top thespians, she landed a meaty, deglamourised role, the kind that brings awards and respect. Tinu Verma was the film’s action director.

However, the film turned out to be Mamta’s fall, and not rise.

Soon after the film’s shooting began Santoshi and she fell out, and Santoshi reportedly removed her from the film. Apparently she got back into the film when don Chhota Rajan leaned on Santoshi to take her back. The miffed director chopped Mamta’s role and reduced it drastically. The film’s only song, "Chamma Chamma", which was meant for her, was given to Urmila Matondkar. The song was a superhit, such a hit that Baz Luhrman borrowed it for his Moulin Rouge. Urmila’s stock rose at the expense of Mamta.

Mamta’s only consolation could have been from the fact that the big-budget film, released in 1998, was a flop, sinking several reputations with it.

India TV News writes, ‘Mamta then levelled serious charges against Santoshi alleging he had asked her to come to his bedroom.’

Making such an allegation is normally the kiss of death for an actress. No director wants to work with an actress who can say such a thing about a director. The fact that she could get don Chhota Rajan to speak for her unnerved actors and filmmakers further. They all began to avoid her.

To make things worse she attacked other actresses in media interviews. Many of them hit back, vitiating the atmosphere further. Her rivals made fun of her poor, Marathi-accented Hindi-Urdu, and worse English. (Generous samples of her distinct English have been included in this article.)

1997 was also the year when Mamta was criticised for having danced at a private function organised by an MLA from Bihar. According to the media she had been paid a very handsome amount for the dance. The MLA was subsequently arrested in the fodder scam. Apparently Mamta was interrogated, but she denied any knowledge of the legislator's antecedents.

Mamta appeared in very few films after that. New offers dried up. Her career in Filmistan started winding down.


2000: Her films Qila (d: Umesh Mehra), and Chhupa Rustam (d: Madan Mohla) flopped at the box office.

Then Mamta was seen in Dev Anand's Censor, another flop, which released in 2001.

In 2002, Mamta did the role of a Devdasi in the film Khajuraho, exposing her body. But the steep decline was evident.

And, with the shirtless cover image of Mamta on Stardust creating an uproar, Mamta's father left both his wife and his daughter. From 2002 onwards, Mamata was not seen by anybody in Mumbai. India TV News

Personal life

1996-97: How she met Vicki Goswami

Here are unedited excerpts from Mamta’s official Facebook page [it has since been removed but you can read it in an Archived form at [3]:

“Now let me take you to year 1996-1997 when entire industry headed to Dubai like all your top khans as well as most of the top non-khan actors/actresses too for opening of Vicki Goswamis’ Hotel in Dubai and the above actors’ their secretaries spread stories about how these stars came to Bombay after visiting Mr.Vicki with mobiles ,cars, jewellery”

“Even our Miss world then of year 1994 who had her whole house decorated by him in fact she took him to a jeweller at her Miss World pageant and fetched the most expensive piece of jewellery.” [Aishwarya Rai was Miss World 1994.]

“Well that year 1996-1997 i had no secretary i appointed one Mr.Hasmukh as my secretary .One day my secretary gets a call from a person Name Mr.Vicki Goswami.Since i am being introvert i really didn’t encourage him. Slowly one day i get another call this time i do research about him and get stories about him about his ways of gifting form from some of my co-stars during that month after several calls of pestering to have to meet me though he sounded too down to earth and me am being very difficult, somebody had to be really a good human to make a feeling within me.

“After several months i agreed to meet him and when i heard of him of being already married i told him on his face whats the point of us meeting as you are already married, then he mentioned to me that his marriage is on rocks already. and then i get to know about his hotel opening that was 21 june 1997 i was shooting in seychelles.

“Everyone above mentioned top khans landed in dubai among which AA+ khan even landed in his clutches [probably he would not go for his own mother], and many all were there and same night of his opening after everything finished was his arrest.”

‘Vicky has been made a scapegoat for a local ruler’s crime’

Mamta adds: [4]

“All papers flashed him being a Drug Smuggler i was shocked as no one till then ever told me who he was so even i believed everything said and read in papers.”

“There was no call from him for 2 years but him being a good human-being thats' what people would call him as large hearted some called him as farishta.

“Believe me after my 12 years of spiritual bath. i have yet to see an human-being like him.

Sometime between 1999 and 2001: penance begins

In the year 2000 Vicky was in [Dubai in] solitary confinement and he called me. He resorted to hath yog against his unjust imprisonment. He called me. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

In Bombay, the country Dubai is associated with the underworld [and if an actress goes to Dubai it is assumed that she has become the underworld’s whatever]. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

“Coming back after 2 years i receive a call from him from solitary confinement that he has given up food and water for 22 days as he better die than sign on those papers which make him to accept the things not done by him but done by [a middle-eastern ruling family] had done as he was very close to the Rulers’ son and the factory and the drugs that were caught belonged to the Rulers’ Son …

“So when everything exploded he ran out of the country and had still not arrived since 10 years… And Vicki who pumped millions in U.A.E had opened a first water park in the same region and also had opened a 5 star hotel and was about to open an airport was robbed of all his money his properties and wealth and was made an scape goat as there would not be better apportunity than this to snatch his Empire was made guilty of the crime which he was not even aware off.

“During that time i went to Dubai and also my sadhguru [Shri Gagangiri Maharaj] directions and his choice of my place for my penance became one.i landed Dubai.I went to visit him.Best part till then i was mere a outside spectator to Vickis’ Case. As i stood outside the jail there were some 200 ladies there who would come regularly to visit their respective relatives when they heard that i came to visit Vicki Goswami they were all muslim ladies.

“they said ye aadmi tho nirdosh hai, isko phasaya gaya hai, iske jagaha koi aur hona chaii [chahiye] tha !

“it opened my eyes[.] till then i never went so deep into his case[.] nor i have been to Dubai, as in Mumbai Going to Dubai is never considered good. [Indian actresses who go to Dubai and come back with Mamta colourfully called ‘mobiles, cars, jewellery’ are always gossiped about.] Since before this i knew very little about Vicki, i researched about him as truth doesn’t come cheap it needs thorough investigation…”

Standing by her man…

…as advised by our Vedas and Rishis

“same with Vicki he is innocent just as you and me so while practising my Meditation i was also praying God for his coming out alive ,infact because of my penance and continous appeals he was taken in protection by my SadhGuru [Shri Gagangiri Maharaj].

“This is me, you love someone in good times, stick by your man when in bad times too, in fact in our Vedas then Rishis would suggest to get women in their bad times as such a women will be with that man all his life. only an whore or an opportunist or a materialistic ladden women behave this way seeing their men in problem run with someone more better...

2012 or 13: Marriage with a convict?

Where is the question of getting married? I have not married anyone to this date. When you do tap for twelve years, in solitude, you don’t want a man to so much as touch you. You don’t know how pure one becomes from inside. And [after that] there is nothing like [i.e. no room or desire for] sex. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

‘Adakara Mamta Kulkarni ka qubool Islam/ Shohar Vicky Goswami nay bhi mazhab Islam qubool kar liya’

Soumyadipta.Banerjee TWEET @soumyadipta The Times of India wrote: The'90s actor was dating drug trafficker Vickey Goswami, serving a life sentence in UAE.Marriage and conversion to Islam earned him clemency

Mamta Kulkarni,who walked the fine line between sleazy and sexy in the 90s, embraced a life of anonymity after her fortunes dipped and she found love with international drug kingpin Vicky Goswami.In 1997 Vicky was arrested for trafficking 11.5 tonnes of mandrax valued at $ 6 million and incarcerated in Dubai.

Mumbai Mirror has learnt that Vicky, now [in 2013] 52 years old, was released from the Dubai prison on November 15,2012, after his life sentence was reduced on account of his model conduct.While in prison he had converted to Islam,and married Mamta,who had been managing his real estate business that includes a prominent hotel in Dubai,in his absence.Sources close to the couple say,Vicky is now in Nairobi,with his faithful wife by his side.

Vickys hush-hush release from prison has been reported in several news channels in South Africa,from where he managed his network."A life sentence in Dubai is in effect 25 years,but prisoners can apply for early release on various grounds.Apart from good conduct,these include learning to recite passages from the Qu'ran or converting to Islam.To strengthen his clemency appeal,Goswami converted to Islam and was married according to Islamic rites while incarcerated,"says the article that appeared in the Mail & Guardian,which has been following the sensational case.

Though the opposition lawyers strongly opposed his clemency saying that he was an international criminal, the court pardoned him on grounds that he was a reformed criminal and a devout Muslim. The court also ordered that he be deported to his native country in India. Sources claim Vicky arrived in India during December 2012 and left for Kenya soon after. Since he did not have any specific criminal cases pending against him in India,it was easier for him to fly to Kenya.

The actual marriage between Goswami and Mamta took place on May 10, 2013 [though by some accounts it had taken place the previous year]

The now-reclusive actress has vowed to stay aloof of Filmistan owing to her interpretation of her new religion.

Rashid Saeed,one of the most well-known event organisers in Dubai,said: "It was extremely difficult to get in touch with Mamta.She was very reticent and turned down all offers to perform at our shows.Late last year,we were told by common friends that she was married and she would never perform on stage again.

Even though Mamta had disappeared,she kept in touch with her sisters,one of whom stays in Mumbai and has been appointed caretaker of her house in Mumbai.Mirror had reported how despite being away from the city, she had ensured that the maintenance and taxes reached the society on time.

2012: Conversion to Islam?

For me all religions are one. Even if I accept the Mussalman religion, I don’t find any… [Mamta wanted to say ‘anything wrong’]. And if some people have misinterpreted the religion it is their fault—I have read the the Holy Qur’an and the Bible. (Mamta was trying to say that rumours of either her or Vicky having accepted Islam were untrue.) —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

After she became a Muslim--which, from most accounts, she did-- she is said to have adopted the name Masha Alalykina

In July 2013, Mamta Kulkarni gave an exclusive interview to Soumyadipta Banerjee.

Soumyadipta Banerjee asked her about her attendance of the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage.

Mamta replied, ‘Yes I did. During Kumbh-melas time. I stayed for entire 10 days i took bath in Triveni Sangam and visited Kashi-Vishwanath.’[

About her marriage, Mamta said, "I was never married to no one, neither am I still married to anyone. My penance got over and Vicki was released ... I love vicki but even he knows my first love now is God."

2012: Vicky’s release after twelve years of penance

Mamta’s own version is[5]:

“And just as my meditation was ripening so was Vickis’ coming out. My penance got over and Vicki was released.

“In these 12 years no one came to me in Dubai all the stories of peolpe knowing me offering me where was the time out 24 hours 18 hours went in Gods service where was the time to see or hear anyone and remember God comes to you only when you are alone. and espscially when your world has become him

[Translation: What Mamta seems to be saying is that for twelve years she spent eighteen of the 24 hours of a day worshipping and serving God. (That must be why stories of her becoming a sanyasin [ascetic saint] must have spread.) No one from back home looked her up in Dubai during those 12 years.

[During those 12 years, her writings suggest that she did not wear make-up, visit a beauty parlour, watch a movie or even look into a mirror.]

Mamta concludes: [6] “Infact i love vicki but even he knows as my first love now is God because of my inner aspect i wanted to renounce everything about being attached to anyone or anything marriage as my first love is no more him and with so much of meditation theres’ nothing left in me as far as materialistic world is concerned...As being enlightened i am aware of my future too i am threading path which my Sadhguru [Shri Gagangiri Maharaj] has laid for me .right now this is it theres’ no more to reveal.”

But, is she a Muslim or not?

Mamta asserts: [7]

“First i am still Hindu neither Vicki Goswami has converted to Muslim. it would be shame on me after attaining my self and have written in detail in my book and also on my blog and after realizing ‘“GOD IS ONE"’ to change or convert into any religion or in my capacity to make someone change his/her religion would be like an dirty joke as this is not human-beings work leave that on God.”

A yogini [female yogi]?

I have performed twelve years of penance (tap) and repentance (praayaschit) for the years that I wasted in the [film] industry. —Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

In September 2012, Mamta Kulkarni published a book called "Autobiography Of An [sic] Yogini" [8]. Written in her unique brand of Indian English (obviously she did not use an editor), it has the picture of her bearded guru (and not herself) on the cover. The book is subtitled ‘Man From Mountains/ Gagangiri Maharaj/ Who raised dead.’

Mamta describes the book as “an dedication from a disciple to her 'MASTER' ,This Miraculous sage transformed a celebrity to an yogini.He banished darkness of many of my births and showered me jewel of "ENGLIGHTMENT".May his teachings reach how to you via me,This book will transform many ignorance indivisuals is my faith and establish and reveal truths which you never knew,

“World is coming to end sooner than we or our doctrines assayed, Earn as much as you need, least steal others' as this will keep your slate clean for judgment day or cement you good next birth to come, where are the people who feared GOD ? who are we ? why we come on earth and why there is henous crimes on upward swing, read this book and find out why?”

Excerpts from the book:

“This book is an eye-opener to many ignorants. The above churned milk [her autobiography] was from the manthan [churning of curds to produce butter] (from my 12 years of spiritual endeavour/meditation).

“My Bollywood histrionics were destined but my dip into the spiritual ocean was like a transit to the actual destination... When you get a Master he instantly becomes your mother, as it happened with me. In these 12 years of penance even my close relatives, my sisters, were not aware of it. Forget my sisters, even I never knew that I was the chosen one. The day I attained myself, I was in tears, as the stages were very difficult...

“Here I was doing my penance. I did not meet anyone neither did I let anyone come close to disturb me so the stories that are making news recently are from publicity-hungry individuals. No one knew about my address or my country of residence as I would not have been able to accomplish what was supposedly my destiny... And another news about me changing my religion and marrying... If someone reads my book they will realise the truth. And then this is God’s department if he has made Hindu or Muslim... This shows how much the press is aware.”

2013/ Nairobi, Kenya

In 2013 Mail Today wrote:

After [Vicky’s] release, the couple has shifted to Nairobi where Vicky spent several years of his initial life.

Vicky's release has also created ripples in the African media. As per reports in a prominent South-African daily, Mail & Guardian, Vicky first came to South Africa in 1994 and acquired property, luxury cars and shares in companies allegedly linked to money laundering and was involved in various drugrelated cases.

2014: drug raid in Kenya

The Times of India wrote: Reportedly, the yesteryear actress was caught in a drug raid in Kenya, as reported in Mumbai Mirror. According to a report on, sources revealed that the drug bust in Kenya, following which Vivek Goswami, husband of yesteryear actress Mamta Kulkarni was arrested, was made after a tip-off from gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

The Mumbai police officials said that they received the crucial information that Kenya police got tipped off by Dawood himself. Apart from Goswami, his close friend and partner in the narcotic business, Barkat Akaash, and Pakistani drug lord Gulam Husain were also arrested, the report states. According to the police, Dawood and company stumbled upon Akaash and his brother who were looking for Goswami.

They could not trace Goswami, but took a chance as they were sure that once the cops arrest Akaash, Goswami wouldn't be far from reach. Accordingly, they tipped off the Kenya police who passed on the information to the United States drug enforcement unit. In a joint operation, the traffickers were picked up. Though Mamta Kulkarni was present with her husband at the time of his arrest, she was detained only for questioning, concludes the report.

With the news doing the rounds that yesteryear actress Mamta Kulkarni was arrested, the media went crazy. Mamta was reportedly taken into custody by the Kenyan police along with husband Vijay 'Vicky' Goswami, on charges of drug trafficking. But according to Mumbai Mirror, that while her husband has indeed been arrested after a major drug bust undertaken by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the National Police Service of Kenya, Mamta was not detained.

Citing a leading Kenyan daily, the Mumbai Mirror report says that the suspects were picked up in Nyali, Mombasa, at the residence of Baktash and Ibrahim Abdalla. The two Kenyan nationals were arrested, along with Goswami and another Indian national, Kulam Hussein. The head of the unit investigating the case, Hamisi Massa, told the local press that the 'suspects are liable to charges of conspiracy to traffic narcotic drugs in the US and Kenya and if found guilty, will attract severe penalties.' Cliff Ombeta, the lawyer representing the accused, including Goswami, admitted that Mamta was present in the house during the raid, but said that she was not arrested or detained.

Speaking from Mombosa, he told Mirror, "The lady was present in the house in Nyali when the police raided it. But no drugs were found there. The police arrested the Abdalla brothers, Vijay Goswami and Kulam Hussein based on an earlier raid in Nairobi. They will be in police custody for 14 days." He added, "The US agencies want to extradite them so the trial can take place in a New York court. We will strongly oppose that." Mirror tried to reach the Kenyan Director of Public Prosecutions to verify the lawyer's claim, but they chose not to comment. When Mirror asked if Mamta can be jailed, considering that she is Goswami's wife, Ombeta asserted, "She has nothing to do with the offence. Therefore, she wasn't taken to the police station. She is in her house and absolutely free."

Mamta’s version

First thing: I was never interrogated [in Mombasa]. They [the narcotics-control officers] gave me so much respect. There were six- seven white guys in my house. They were all sitting.

In fact they asked me. ‘Do you have anything cold to drink?’

I said, ‘I can give you some Coke if you want.’

They asked, ‘Do you have beer?’

I said, ‘No,’ because I keep nothing at home, not these things.

They said, ‘We had heard you are a Bollywood actress.’

I said, ‘Fine, I am.’

That’s it.

Next thing—it’s gone with them. That’s it. They did not touch me. They didn’t ask me [anything]. They were so nice to me.

—Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

A biopic!

In 2014, the photographer is penning the script for his film which is about a struggling actress who makes it big and then disappears from the screen.

"That's the subject of my second film and the protagonist has definitely been inspired by Mamta Kulkarni. I was just putting the finishing touches to the script when I heard that she has been traced to Kenya," says Jayesh. "I was shocked but not really surprised. But now, given this fresh twist in her story, I'll have to make some changes in the climax of my film," concludes the photographer.


Role in husband's drug ring investigated

Mamta Kulkarni's role in hubby's drug ring under scanner

Nazia Sayed & Tariq Khan | Mumbai Mirror | Apr 28, 2016, 08.58 AM IST

The Thane police, which seized 20 tonnes of ephedrine in a record haul this month, is investigating reports that actor Mamta Kulkarni is a central figure in the international drug ring that tried to smuggle in the contraband.

The development came as investigators revealed on Wednesday that Mamta's Kenya-based husband, Vicky Goswami, was the kingpin of the drug operation.

Vicky has a well-known history of serious drug offences. In 1997, he was arrested for drug trafficking in Dubai and served 15 years in a prison there. He later moved with Mamta to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, where he is currently facing fresh charges. He is wanted by the US and the Thane police for drug offences. "This is an international racket and Vicky Goswami is the main link to it. As for Mamta Kulkarni, we are probing her role," Thane police commissioner Parambir Singh said, referring to the ephedrine haul.

Vicky was named as the prime suspect after the police received information about his operations from the United States' Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on Tuesday.

Mamta, who is believed to be in Kenya currently, featured in several Bollywood movies in the 1990s, including the Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Karan Arjun. While senior Thane officers did not divulge details about her role in her husband's drug syndicate, sources in the police said she was the face of the ring.

As Vicky cannot leave Kenya because of an Interpol notice against him, he asked Mamta to meet clients in Dubai, Singapore, South Africa and the US, said a Thane police officer, who didn't want to be named.

Mamta allegedly also struck business deals with drug networks in Maharashtra, and Vicky used her name to carry out bank transactions. The couple allegedly also routed huge sums from drug deals through the hawala channel.

Mamta apparently never came under the authorities' scanner until now. Meanwhile, the Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested one Punit Shringi, who was allegedly the main link between Vicky and drug cartels in Mumbai and Thane.Shringi has reportedly revealed that Manoj Jain, a director of a firm called, was also involved and had met Vicky several times in Kenya.

The 20 tonnes of ephedrine was seized from a Solapur factory earlier this month. According to the Thane police, gangs in India, Poland and some other European countries had planned to send the consignment to Eastern Europe from Mumbai via Gujarat.

Named in drugs racket

Jun 19 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)

Top cop ties ex-actress to drugs racket

Shrutika Sukhi

Thane:  Thane police commissioner Param Bir Singh said on Saturday that yesteryear Hindi film actor Mamta Kulkarni was a partner in a drugs syndica te. Kulkarni, sa id Singh, active ly participated in mutiple mee tings in Dubai and Africa earlier this year with its members to firm up plans to process ephedrine into recreational drug methamphetamine, as well its shipment and profit-sharing.

Her name had cropped up in the Rs 2,000-crore ephedrine haul in Avon Lifesciences's Solapur unit in April. TOI had earlier reported on Kulkarni's alleged role in the drugs business along with that of her husband Vicky Goswami.

The Times of India reported in July 2016, Bollywood diva Mamta Kulkarni denies her role in drug racket and breaks silence after 16 years about why she disappeared from the limelight.

During an interview to a news channel, Mamta denied any involvement of her boyfriend [not husband?] Vicky Goswami or of her in running a drug cartel in India, especially in the Thane region where recently the police had busted a huge drug racket.

Aadi Shakti, Mother Mary, global lawyers to prove Mamta’s innocence

Mamta Kulkarni gets global legal team to protest her innocence, TNN | Sep 9, 2016, The Times of India

THANE: A battery of legal hawks, some flown in from across continents stoutly proclaimed yesteryear actor Mamta Kulkarni as "innocent" and contested police claims of her being actively involved with an international drug syndicate.

"Kulkarni's name is unnecessarily being dragged merely to glorify the case and glamourize their (Thane police) work," declared advocate Cliff Ombetta, a Kenya-based lawyer, at a press conference that was also addressed by Daniel Arshack from New York, advocate Parvez Memon, advocate Sudeep Pasbola and advocate Majeed Memon, an NCP MP.

In fact, at the beginning of the media briefing, they played a five-minute video of Kulkarni where she declared her innocence. "I am engaged in spirituality since the past 20 years. I am 'innocent'...Aadi Shakti (the Supreme Being) came in a vision to my mother and said 'I'm coming, so give this girl my name'...I am the third daughter in the family so my father initially didn't come to see me. But even he got a vision as he was a strong follower of Mother Mary. Mother Mary came in his dream and said 'I am coming' and my father rushed to the hospital where I was born," Kulkarni said in her recorded statement.

However, Thane police rubbished the claims as a "hi-tea event" and said they have evidence in the case. The former Bollywood siren was named by a prime accused in the Rs 2,000-crore ephedrine drug haul by Thane police earlier this year. Following the haul, Thane police arrested 10 people, some of whom subsequently named Kulkarni as being present during a discussion on the sharing of profits from the drug trade. Kulkarni is believed to be settled in Kenya with her long-time boyfriend and fugitive drug baron Vicky Goswami. A few weeks back, Thane police approached the central government agencies to get red corner notices issued against Kulkarni and Goswami, to facilitate their deportation from Kenya.

While Kulkarni claims she has a few fixed deposits which may have around Rs 15-20 lakh, but police say they found more than Rs 2 crore was transferred from Kulkarni's account to Goswami's sister.

Her lawyer Memon said that one of the suspects has already retracted his confessional statement about Kulkarni's involvement.

Mamta's version

Sheila Rawal of ABP News, ‘You have been accused of having visited Malaysia and Dubai and various other countries in connection with drugs.’

At this point Mamta Kulkarni produced her passport that covered the years 2006 to 2016.

Mamta asserted, ‘I have never visited any country except Kenya and Dubai. I have never visited the USA.’

These are my Axis bank statements. No cheque from my account ever went to Avon Life Sciences nor [did any money] from them go into my account. People are talking of [my having been involved with] Rs.2,000 crore. How much is my balance? Rs.25 lakh.

—Mamta Kulkarni to ABP News in July 2016.

2016: Mamta breaks her 16 year silence to ABP Live

Sheela Raval, ABP Live 21 July 2016

Exclusive Interview: Mamta Kulkarni denies role in drug racket, reveals after 16 years why she left Bollywood

For the first time in 16 years, Mamta faced the camera from Kenya and divulged about turning into a ‘yogini’ to ABP News’ Investigative Editor Sheela Raval.

After disappearing from limelight for 16 years, former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni exclusively revealed details about what made her quit the glamour industry at the peak of her career and bond with an international drug merchant since then.

In a shocking revelation, the actress said that she still hadn't married Vicky Goswami, who was identified as her husband in the media. She further clarified that she and Vicky have no physical relationship.

In the in-depth interview, 44-year-old Mamta talked about how she first met flamboyant drug smuggler Vijaygiri Goswami alias Vicky Goswami at a party in Dubai. Vicky owned a hotel in Dubai named Dreamland where he used to host lavish parties and that’s where he was awe-struck with Mamta. After chasing her unsuccessfully for a couple of years, the starlet herself one day decided to shift to Dubai. Vicky was then locked in jail.

In Dubai, she led a reclusive but a simple life. “My spiritual guru Chaitanya Gagangiri Nath advised me the right time to go to Dubai in 2000 and meet Vicky. Vicky had then called me up and said that he was about to die.”

Despite being successful, Mamta says she was never attracted to the dazzling world of Bollywood. But hers was a controversial roller-coaster ride that lived for a short span. “It was under my mother’s influence and pressure; I joined films and pursued acting. I was a reluctant actress and I don’t regret quitting the film world”

The actress said that she thought Bollywood was a huge mistake and that she has been seeking redemption for the same since the past 12 years.

Like in the past, Mamta has vehemently denied any involvement of her boyfriend or of her in running a drug cartel in India, especially in the Thane region where recently the police had busted a huge drug racket.

When asked about her involvement in the drug case, Mamta was quoted as saying that she hates drugs and that if she could curb her basic most animalistic desire - sex, then there was no manner in which drugs would tantalise her.

When asked about if she still watches Bollywood movies, Mamta said:”The last movie I saw was Munnabhai.”

Currently she’s penned a book which discloses her life’s experiences and spiritual practices. “All my spiritual experiences and practices are documented in a detailed autobiography of a yogini.”

Recalling her last visit to India, Mamta says,” I visited Kumbh in 2013. I also took a dip in the Ganges in Hardiwar in the year 2012. I want to return to India but the almighty can only decide on it”


‘Clinching evidence’ and a non-bailable warrant

Non-bailable warrant against actress Mamta Kulkarni in 2000 crore drug case | Mar 28, 2017 | DECCAN CHRONICLE

The police claims to have ‘clinching evidence’ against her and Vicky Goswami.

Non-bailable warrant has been issued by a special court against former Bollywood actress Mamta kulkarni and alleged international drug mafia Vijaygiri aka Vijay Goswami in a 2,000 Cr drug bust case.

The investigating officers claim to have gotten ‘clinching evidence’ against the duo, based on which they intend to file a chargesheet. The non-bailable warrants were issued by a special court led by H M patwardhan.

Both Kulkarni and Goswami are on the run ever since their names cropped up in the drug case.

Based on the confession of an arrested accused, Shishir Hiray, special public prosecutor said that Kulkarni and Goswami are main culprits in the case and had set up a well-oiled drug cartel. From procuring raw material of ephedrine from India to a well-planned transportation and manufacturing of methamphetamine in Kenya, the duo was involved in the entire process.

The arrested accused- Jai Mukhi and Kishor Singh Rathod- during the investigation apparently told the investigators about meeting in a hotel in Kenya where a deal was struck between Goswami and his aides, Akasha borthers, Mamta Kulkarni, ex director of a pharmaceutical company, Manoj Jain, Jai Mukhi and Abdullah.

“Ample technical evidence, call records are in possession of the investigators and various facts have been revealed during questioning of the arrested accused and statements made by them," Hiray reportedly told the court.

Kishor Sinh Rathod, one of the arrested accused and son of a former Congress MLA from Gujarat, told the investigators that they (the accused) were to make Mamta Director of a company."They also had plans to make Mamta a director of Avon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd," Hiray reportedly told the court.

Police made frequent visits to Mamta and Goswami’s houses and recorded statements of people who knew them. Hiray produced a case diary before the court and finally got warrants issued against the duo.

Goswami, who got busted through a sting operation conducted by US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers, is in US custody while Mamta is absconding.

2000 crore drug bust: claims of investigators, March 2017

Nishikant Karlikar, Rs 2,000 crore drug case: Non-bailable warrant against Mamta Kulkarni, Mar 28, 2017: The Times of India


According to police findings, Kulkarni and Goswami are main players in the case

Their names had cropped up during the probe by Thane police in the Rs 2,000 crore drug bust

The duo are declared absconding since their names cropped up in the drug bust

Investigators probing the Rs 2,000 crore drug bust case have got a shot in the arm as a special court here issued non-bailable arrest warrants against former Bollywood actor Mamta Kulkarni and alleged international drug lord Vijaygiri aka Vicky Goswami. The warrants were issued by the special court of H M Patwardhan.

The investigators claimed to have got "clinching evidence" against them and based on which they want to file a chargesheet, but the duo are declared absconding since their names cropped up in the drug bust, said a senior police officer.

Special public prosecutor Shishir Hiray, appearing for the prosecution, in a marathon submission to the special court sought the warrant, and informed the court that they have ample evidence against the duo and their involvement in the drug racket as a prime accused. Hiray pointed out that based on the interrogation of arrested accused, Kulkarni and Goswami are main players in the case and they had set up a well-oiled drug cartel, right from procuring raw material of ephedrine from India and even planned transportation and manufacture of methamphetamine in Kenya. The prosecutor told the court that the arrested accused, Jai Mukhi and Kishor Sinh Rathod, during the probe had mentioned a meeting in a hotel in Kenya, wherein a deal was struck between Goswami, his aides, the Akasha brothers, Mamta, former director of a pharma company, Manoj Jain, Jai Mukhi and Abdullah, were present. "Ample technical evidence, call records are in possession of the investigators and various facts have been revealed during questioning of the arrested accused and statements made by them," Hiray told the court.

He pointed out that Mukhi's version was coraborated by another accused, Kishorsinh Rathod, son of a former Congress MLA from Gujarat, who was arrested in January after nine months on the run."They also had plans to make Mamta a director of Avon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd," Hiray told the court.

The police, from time-to-time visited the addresses of Mamta and Goswami and even statements of people who knew them were recorded. Hiray produced a case diary for the court's satisfaction too. Finally, the court on Monday issued the warrants against the duo.

Goswami is in US custody. In January, Goswami, Ibrahim and Baktash Akasha as well as Gulam Hussein were extradited from Kenya to the US.

Their names had cropped up during the probe by Thane police in the Rs 2,000 crore drug bust. They were arrested in November 2014 in a sting operation by US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers posing as Colombian drug dealers. Goswami and his aides were accused of conspiring to ship at least 98 kg of high-grade heroin and methamphetamine to the US.

On April 14, the Thane crime branch seized over 20 tonnes of ephedrine and 2.5 tonnes of acetic anhydride, both banned party drugs from a pharmaceutical factory in Solapur and other locations in Thane and Mumbai. Investigations led the sleuths to the involvement of Goswami and Kenyan based international drug mafia involved in the racket. Top Comment

Give them death sentence 'WITHOUT PARDON' for they resulted in HOOKING numerous humans to become drug addicts thus ruining their lives. Truth Prevails

In September 2016, a battery of legal hawks, some from abroad, refuted the involvement of Mamta in the case. Mukhi had earlier testified before a magistrate court but later turned the tables that his confession was under pressure from investigators.

Proclaimed offender: June 2017

Court declares Mamta Kulkarni and husband Vicky Goswami as proclaimed offenders | June 07, 2017 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

Mamta Kulkarni and her husband, alleged drug lord Vicky Goswami were declared as proclaimed offenders by a special NDPS court on 6 June 2017, in the Rs 2000 crore drug bust case. This means that the couple's passports can be seized and that they can be arrested in any part of the country within the period of a month.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, special public prosecutor Shishir Hire said that after the police file a compliance report in the court after a month, they will be in a position to seize their immovable property in India after a court order.

The duo has been declared as absconders in the drug haul case which came into public view in 2016 when the Thane police seized over 20 tonnes of Ephedrine and 2.5 tonnes of acetic anhydride - both banned party drugs from a pharmaceutical factory in Solapur - and other spots in Thane and Mumbai.


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