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Government funds

2019: UP allots ₹247cr for cowsheds

Subhash Mishra, February 8, 2019: The Times of India

Government funds for Cows’ welfare in MP, the Punjab, Rajasthan and UP
From: Subhash Mishra, February 8, 2019: The Times of India

Setting aside Rs 622 crore for stray cows in the UP budget on Thursday, the Yogi government has allocated Rs 247 crore for new cowsheds, Rs 200 crore for Kanha gaushalas and stray animal homes in urban areas and Rs 165 crore for unproductive and abandoned cows.

The Yogi government’s third budget had a mammoth expenditure outlay of Rs 4.79 lakh crore. While infrastructure and welfare got a push, a big sum has been allocated for religious tourism, Vedic schools and cow protection. The debt burden has, however, escalated to over Rs 2.5 lakh crore, an all-time high.

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