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VIP security

Delhi/ central government, 2016-17

Vishal Sharma3, September 11, 2018: The Times of India

Delhi Police spends Rs 50 crore annually on hiring vehicles for VIP security, a reply to an RTI query has revealed. As many as 400 vehicles are hired for VIP security, Delhi Police have said in its reply. A majority of these vehicles are eight years old.

Delhi Police could have well bought its own fleet of vehicles for VIP security with the money that it spent on hiring the cars in the last eight years. In response to the query raised by RTI activist Zeeshan Haider, Delhi Police said they have spent Rs 3.6 billion from 2010 till date on hiring vehicles. Most of these vehicles are used by Delhi police’s security unit which is assigned the task of VIP security.

Delhi Police spent Rs 52.7 crore in the financial year 2016-17 on hiring these vehicles. The highest expenditure in the last eight years was incurred in 2013-14 when Rs 58.2 crore was spent on car rentals by Delhi Police.

The contract for hiring the vehicles has been with a Dwarka-based firm for the last 10 years, Delhi Police said.

The firm has rented out 200 Maruti Gypsies of 2010 make, 50 Gypsies of 2017 make, 100 Maruti Ertigas of 2017 make and 50 Innovas of 2013 make to Delhi Police. While the old model Gypsies fetch a daily rent of Rs 2,400 each, the same for newer models is higher.

A retired IPS officer who had served the security unit told NBT that most of the pilot and escort vehicles deployed in VIP security are hired ones. Most of these VIPs have been provided Z or Z-plus security.

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