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This is a collection of charts archived for the excellence of their content.


The 166 most popular Hindi-Urdu songs of 2014

The charts that this page has relied upon

IP is Indpaedia's meta-rank based on all the music charts mentioned in the columns to the right.

BH: Bollywood Hungama does not have its own charts. Nor does it award ranks to songs. Indpaedia has calculated the number of ‘times played’ from this link, combining the listenership of all versions of each song into one, to arrive at the ranks mentioned under BH.

Of BH’s 240 ‘most played’ songs for the period 2012-April 2015, 155 were from 2014. Of these, 20 had multiple versions: Jumme Ki Raat had four versions, while three songs (Hangover, Tu Hi Tu, Sawan Aaya Hai) had three versions each. Sixteen had two versions each. By combining the listenership numbers of all versions of a song into one, the total number of 2014 songs on BH’s list came down to 130.

RM: Radio Mirchi

TOI: Ankita Chaurasia, 2014 Playlist: Chartbusters that rocked Bollywood The Times of India


All song credits have been crosschecked with

Bolly Meaning,


YouTube, Glamsham and other Internet sources.

The charts

The 65 most widely-accepted hits of 2014

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Indpaedia is trying to compile year-wise lists of the most popular songs in every Indian, inded, South Asian, language.

We have made a beginning with the titles of the most popular Hindi-Urdu film/ pop songs of each year.

For the years 1952-1974 we have already uploaded the titles (and authorship) of the songs that made it to the annual hit-parades of Binaca Geet Mala 1952: greatest hits to Binaca Geet Mala 1974: greatest hits. In addition, we are working on lists of the chhaon (‘in the shade’) songs of these years.

For the remaining years, from roughly 1930 to the present (excluding the BGM years) we aim to cite at least two sources for each year. If the hyperlink is red it means that the page is still under construction.

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