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ITIL Prince2 courses were primarily developed by the UK government, though they are really widely used within the private sector. They were created in an effort to set out a flexible method for managing projects within a organization, ensuring all of the important aims and activities were clearly defined and attainable. ITIL Prince2 helps to clearly define each phase within the project to allow full control over resources to be certain project stays within the expense plan. The project is well monitored to help to make certain targets are completed in the desired timeframes.

Prince2 training programs are available at two different levels - Foundation and Practitioner. Foundation is largely an preliminary course which will supply students with a working perception of the process of Prince2. The Practitioner course supplies a more in depth view of the Prince2’s principles, key themes, processes and techniques which is therefore more desirable for all those employees that are already involved in managing projects.

There are lots of Prince2 training companies who can deliver courses for individuals who are presently working in a project management capacity or who are looking to strengthen their duties within the workplace. When scheduling a training course it's worthwhile checking to see what the training programs provider’s pass rates are on average, as many delegates would want to ensure they will pass first time.

Many Prince2 training companies will run these programmes at a a number of venues across the UK, meaning that most delegates will not need to drive too far in order to attend this course. Very often the courses will take 2 or 3 days to finish, so some delegates may need to book over night accommodation near to the venue.

Occasionally the training courses can be taught on the company property, which is particularly valuable if an company has a number of people which they wish to attend the program. This may increase the price of the training programme as the trainers’ travelling and maybe accommodation expenses might need to be covered. bespoke it courses

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