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Mahima Chaudhry: narm honton ki narmiyan le lo from Souten - The Other Woman (2006), sultry but fit for PG-13 audiences.


Filmistan’s Crœsus in the Alps?

In Feb 2015 when news broke that Mahima Chaudhry—and not some Chopra, Khan or Kanth saar—was Filmistan’s sole representative on Swiss Leaks’ list of Indians with accounts with the Swiss HSBC, Filmistan was amused rather than impressed, envious or, heaven forbid, sanctimonious

‘Mahima Swiss’ jokes went viral. Among them were:

Mahima Chaudhary has black money??? How much was she paid for Pardes that it has lasted 17 years [almost 18 years, actually] and she still has some stashed away! @GappistanRadio

Now for sure these Swiss accounts have no minimum balance criteria. RT @Truly Monica: Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account!!! and

Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account?!? What does she even keep in there, original Shemaroo DVDs of Pardes? @AksharPathak

The best was a picture of Barak and Michelle Obama making a face, grimacing—part incredulous, part mock-impressed, ‘when told even Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss Bank Account !’ @KyaUkhaadLega

These cuts were slightly unkind, because Mahima’s A+ debut with Pardes (1997) was followed by more than ten A list film roles in a career that did reasonably well till 2002. (Her complete Filmography can be seen below.)

But, yes, the point of the jokes remains, Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account???

Normally it is cruel to joke about someone whose career stalled. However, a Swiss bank account entitles the nation to have some fun at your expense (even if you do not describe yourself as a ‘top’ actress and model). Shobhita Dutt’s cat’s eye view (below) of Mahima Chaudhary’s career and love life may be seen against this background.

Career and love life

Who Is Mahima Chaudhary And Why On Earth Does She Have A Swiss Bank Account?

Shobhita Dutt The Times of India February 11, 2015

Okay, the unthinkable has happened. Out of all the people in our film industry Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account! Who Mahima Chaudhary? Well, remember the 90s flick Pardes? Yes, she's the same girl. And her account was under her real name, Ritu Chaudhary, where she was described as a top model and an actress.

Yes, we wish this was an early April Fool's prank, but sadly it's not. Thus, to be able to sleep peacefully, we must, WE MUST try to figure out what the hell she actually did to get a Swiss Bank account.

1. Pardes, maybe?

For heaven's sake, it wasn't that big a hit [it was the no.3 hit of 1997, and the no.14 hit of 1995-99] that the woman had to get a Swiss bank account. For all we care, she could be termed as a one-film wonder. [Not quite true. All her films till 2002, and her two special appearances in 2003, were A list films.] The only explanation here can be that she still performs the 'I love my India' song at weddings or other functions.

2. She's somehow earning big bucks off this YouTube video of hers.

[The video is Narm honton ki narmiyan le lo from Souten - The Other Woman (2006), sultry but fit for PG-13 audiences.—See picture on this page.]

3. Perhaps she's still promising a big break to Bollywood aspirants.

She was one of the judges at NDTV's reality show 'Ticket To Bollywood' in 2014. So the only logical explanation we derive from this is perhaps she's promising big breaks to Bollywood aspirants from the show in exchange for money, and hence, the Swiss bank account.

4. She must have charged a helluva lot of money for flirting with Vivek Oberoi.

[The flirtation was in the film Home Delivery. )

5. Or she made too much money being the shoulder to cry on in the surprise hit flick Dhadkhan.

[Dhadkan was well received by educated audiences. Commercially speaking, it was the no.12 hit of the year]

Well, she was present in the movie for about 5 percent of the screen time. Yes, may be the money in the Swiss bank is from pretending to love Suneil Shetty! Yeah, that demands guts and money! Or may be it's the money from her halfhearted attempt at doing this [see picture] item number in the movie. [Ms Dutt: you are being crewel. Mahima looks very nice in that picture, and she is fully clad, hence it is a classic 1960s-style ‘triangular scene,’ too respectable to be an item number.]

PS: She also married Leander Paes and did a movie called 100 Percent: Real Player about male gigolos!

Leander Paes

Did Mahima marry Paes? Not likely. They were supposed to be getting married when their relationship went for a toss. [Paes, arguably, is India’s most successful tennis player ever. Made lots of money winning tennis doubles. Maybe it’s his Valentine’s Day gifts she’s put away in that Swiss locker.]

Mahima Choudhary told a newspaper that Leander cheated on her with a married woman. No prizes for guessing, the married woman was Rhea Pillai. Mahima called it quits after she discovered their affair. Hindustan Times. (Later, Leander Paes and model Rhea Pillai's live-in relationship turned into a messy affair)

However, India Today writes, ‘Rhea and Leander started dating in 2003, when Rhea was married to Sanjay Dutt and Leander had just broken up with Mahima Chaudhary. [Emphasis added.] They had a daughter from their relatuionship in 2006. [1]

The limited point is: Mahima and Paes dated but did not get married.


In 2006 the beautiful Mahima got married to Bobby Mukherjee. She has a child, Aryana Chaudhry


Mahima Chaudhry. Photo: Gladrags
Shilpa Shetty (back), Mahima Chaudhry and Suneil Shetty in Dhadkan (2002): Aksar is duniya mein was no item number. Mahima’s facial expressions, which ranged from the hurt, to the amused, the taunting and the trying-to-suppress-feelings, were brilliantly done and merited her Filmfare award nomination.

As an actor

1997 Pardes

1999 Manasulo Maata (Telugu)

1999 Daag: The Fire

1999 Dil Kya Kare

1999 Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin

2000 Deewane

2000 Dhadkan

2000 Khiladi 420

2000 Kurukshetra

2001 Lajja

2001 Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Meraa Ghar

2002 Dil Hai Tumhaara

2002 Om Jai Jagadish

2003 Baghban (Special Appearance)

2003 LOC: Kargil

2003 Saaya

2003 Tere Naam (Special Appearance)

2004 Chess: A Game Plan

2004 Dobara

2005 Baghmati (voice)

2005 Film Star

2005 Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak

2005 Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye

2005 Sehar

2005 The Film

2005 Zameer

2006 Hope and a Little Sugar

2006 Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana

2006 Mr.100%

2006 Sandwich

2006 Sarhad Paar

2006 Souten: The Other Woman

2008 Gumnaam: The Mystery


1997 Pardes

i) Won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut

ii) Nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress

1999 Dil Kya Kare

Nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress

2000 Dhadkan

Nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress

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