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Wild pigs

Culling allowed for 1 year/ 2018-19

Vishwa Mohan, Govt allows wild pigs’ culling in U’khand for 1 yr, November 22, 2018: The Times of India

The environment ministry has declared wild pig as ‘vermin’ in Uttarakhand, paving the way for the animal’s culling for one year with immediate effect. The step is intended to save farmers from losing their standing crops and other properties. Wildlife conservationists, however, have found the move unscientific and counterproductive.

The declaration as ‘vermin’ will allow Uttarakhand authorities to carry out extermination of wild pigs on a large scale in certain identified areas (tehsils) of 13 districts in the state without attracting penal provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

The ministry claimed to have declared wild pig as ‘vermin’ after getting the state’s request on “reported harm to life and property including largescale destruction of agriculture due to overpopulation of wild pigs in areas outside forest”.

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