Akbarpur Tahsil, Fyzabad

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Note: National, provincial and district boundaries have changed considerably since 1908. Typically, old states, ‘divisions’ and districts have been broken into smaller units, units, and many tahsils upgraded to districts.Many units have since been renamed. Therefore, this article is being posted mainly for its historical value.

Akbarpur Tahsil, Fyzabad

South-eastern tahsil 'of Fyzabad District, United Provinces, comprising the parganas of Akbarpur, Majhaura, and (since 1904) Surhurpur, and lying between 26 degree 15' and 26 degree 35' N. and 82 degree 13' and 82 degree 54' E. The area up to 1904 was 393 square miles, and is now 537. The population of the old area increased from 241,702 in 1891 to 243,929 in 1901, and the total is now 344,859. There are 854 villages and three towns, of which Jalalpur (population, 7,265) and Akbarpur (7,116), the tahsil head-quarters, are the largest.

The demand for land revenue in 1903-4 was Rs. 3,25,000, and for cesses Rs. 52,000, increased by the transfer to Rs. 4,51,000 and Rs. 73,000 respectively. The density of population of the reconstituted area, 642 persons per square mile, is below the District average. Along the southern border flows the Majhol, while the Biswi and Marha unite in the west to form the Forts (Eastern).

The tahsil contains many large jhils or swamps, and a considerable area in the south is barren usar land and thorny jungle. In the old area 242 square miles were under cultivation in 1903-4, of which 137 were irrigated. Wells supply about two-thirds ofthe irrigated area, and tanks or jhils most of the remainder.

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