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'My first film song'

Jan 1, 2017:The Times of India

`I wanted to be a singer, so I wrote dummy lyrics for Dev.D' Amitabh Bhattacharya | 40 Lyricist, whose most recent work is Dangal

In 2007 when Amit Trivedi got an offer to compose music for two films ­ Anurag Kashyap's Dev.D and and his assistant Rajkumar Gupta's Aamir ­ he wanted me write the songs. But I wanted to be a singer, not a songwriter.Before coming to Mumbai in 1999, I used to belt out Kishore Kumar hits for a band called The Violent Orchestra in my hometown Lucknow. To im press music direc tors during those days of struggle, I had even prepared a demo CD of songs written, composed and crooned by me. But Amit, who was also a friend, kept persuading me. Finally , we came to this understanding that I would write “dummy“ lyrics for his tunes. Once the melody was approved, a regular songwriter would step in. The first song I wrote was Dev D's Yeh Duniya Badi Gol Hai. The number plays in the background when the protagonist is battling heartbreak. I listened to the tune on a Walkman and I remember having written it in a day! Anurag and everybody else loved my work.Till then, I had no idea that I was embarking on an entirely new career. Today barring the odd music buff, few can recollect that track.However, everybody remembers another number I wrote for the same film: Emotional atyachaar.

As told to Avijit Ghosh

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