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A brief biography

Avijit Ghosh, May 15, 2018: The Times of India

Balkavi Bairagi effortlessly traversed the seemingly incompatible worlds of poetry, politics and cinema.

Bairagi, who also wrote prolifically for children, was a crowd-puller at Hindi poetry gatherings with his compelling and dramatic style of recitation. Jhar gaye paat, bisar gayi tehni (The leaves have fallen, the branch has forgotten) was one of his acclaimed poems.

He penned lyrics for at least a dozen Hindi films, notably for Amol Palekar’s Ankahee and Sunil Dutt’s Reshma aur Shera.

Bairagi was a Congress politician of considerable standing in west Madhya Pradesh. The poetbested top Jan Sangh (later BJP) leader Sunderlal Patwa in Manasa during the 1968 state assembly polls. Bairagi first served as a minister of language and tourism, and later, of food and civil supplies.

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