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Who was Bhaskaracharya?

J.P.Bohre, NCERT- Contribution of Indian Mathematicians


(1) He was born in Bijapur in modern Karnataka. He & his work represent a significant contribution to mathematical & astronomical knowledge in the 12th century.

(2) His main work “Siddhanta Shiromani” is divided into four parts called Lilawati, Bijaganit, Grahaganita and Goladhyaya. These four sections deal with arithmetic, algebra, mathematics of planets and spheres respectively.

(3) He was the first to give that any number divided by zero gives infinity. (4) He was written a lot about zero, surds, permutation and combination.

(5) He wrote,” The hundredth part of the circumference of a circle seems to be straight. Our earth is a big sphere and that’s why it appears to be flat.”

(6) He gave the formulae like: sin(A±B)=sinAcosB ± cosA sinB.

(7) He calculated derivatives of Trigonometric functions and formulae.

(8) He developed spherical trigonometry alongwith a number of other trigonometric results.

(9) He explained solution of quadratic, cubic and quartic indeterminate equations.

(10) He developed a proof of Pythagoras Theorem by calculating the same area in two different ways & these cancel out terms to get a2 + b2 = c2.

(11) He gave first general method for finding the solution of the problem x2 – ny2 = 1 (so called Pell’s equation ).

(12) He gave solution of Diophantine equations of second order such as 61x2 + 1 = y2..

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