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Birds: India G-L


A bird of the woodland and forest, it can be seen moving along old tree trunks looking for insects. The male has a bright crimson crest but a typical bright golden back gives it its name. They are very noisy and disclose their presence from more than a mile away.


A relative of the mynah, it is known for its melodious call. The male is bright yellow with black markings on their wings. It is a bird of the woodlands and forest habitats. They can be seen all over the country. At Corbett, Sariska, Rajaji, Melaghat, Dudhwa, one can observe them within the tourist complex itself. They prefer to occupy treetops and disclose their presence with their typical call.


Hoopoes move in pairs and can be a common sight in most of the Indian countryside. The hoopoe is of the same size as the mynah with broad crest with black tips against golden brown colour and typical zebra markings on black wings. Their long narrow beak enables them to dig out worms out of the soft ground. They prefer to play in the lawns in the city also. They are commonly found everywhere in the country.


Tufts of feathers under lower beak resembles that of a goat's beard and hence the name, Lammer Geir. This large bird can be seen soaring along the air currents effortlessly despite of high velocity winds. It plays the role of both scavenger as well as predator.

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