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2017:  mystery disease

Naresh Mitra, Crows turning white, dying in Assam dist, November 25, 2017: The Times of India

The black crow has created a flutter in Borbhagia village in Assam’s Sonitpur district. About a month back, rumour spread that they were turning white and dying. Locals kept watch and found there was some truth to the story as 12 crows, including ravens, had died after some of their feathers turned white. The village, about 250km from here, has been puzzled ever since this mystery disease struck and are worried the disease does not infect poultry.

Initially, villagers thought it was an albino case when they spotted a crow with white feathers. But when they came across more white ravens and crows, they got alarmed. Plabita Oza, an art teacher and nature lover, said when the feathers started changing colours, the crows stopped flying. “I thought the white colour might be a breeding plumage. Then I thought I would take the help of experts. Ravens and crows play a vital role in cleaning the environment,” Plabita added. She posted the phenomenon on a social media site seeking help in cracking the strange case. “Social media helped me in getting in touch with vets. A professor from Jorhat provided me with the contact numbers,” she said.

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