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This is an extract from
Protozoa to Mammalia
State of the Art.
Zoological Survey of India, 1991.
By Professor Mohammad Shamim Jairajpuri
Director, Zoological Survey of India
and his team of devoted scientists.
The said book is an enlarged, updated version of
The State of Art Report: Zoology
Edited by Dr. T. N. Ananthakrishnan,
Director, Zoological Survey of India in 1980.

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Brachiopoda is a neglected group, very few species having been reported from Indian waters. The earliest Indian work is that of Alcock, 1894 (a new brachiopod) Terebratulajohannisdavisi) and Joubin, 1906 (Kingena alcockl) a new species from Indian seas. Patil (1953) recorded Lingula.sp. from Karwar coast and the neighbouring Islands. Awati and Kshfrsagar (1935) recorded three varieties related to Lingula anatina from different localities of the west coast, while Gideon et ale (1957) recorded the same species from Dwarka.

Thomas Dawidson's (1886-1888) monographs dealing with 100 species of extant brachipods then known, is definitely the earliest substantial work. Since his death, there has not been any remarkable work and hence his synonymies were in an obsolete and disorderly state; Recently, Muir-Wood (1955) provided an exhaustive bibliography. At present, quite an extensive world literature has accumulated on fossil brachiopods.

For the brachiopods of Indian waters, no contribution has been made excepting a few scattered papers. At present about five species are known from this region. Among the workers may be included-Awati and Kshirasagar (1957) who dealt with the biolqgy of Lingula; Sudarsan (1968, 1970) and Chuang (1976), who recorded larval forms along the coasts Arabian Sea and bay of Bengal, respectively. Soota and Reddy (1976) covered the distribution of the genus Lingula along the Indian coast

At present, studied are being conducted in the Survey by Reddy on the taxonomy and ecology of the genus Lingula.

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