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Simulating climatic conditions

Chethan Kumar, Siachen, Thar simulated in B'luru lab to test weapons, Oct 04 2016 : The Times of India

From the cold environs of Siachen to the punishing heat of the Thar desert, no climate condition is too extreme for this company in Dabaspet, about 72km northwest of Bengaluru, which has been aiding simulation testing of military equipment.

The equipment is put to service in all kinds of environments, but can't always be tested on the field given time and logistical constraints. This results in failures of sub-systems, as India learned during the 1999 Kargil conflict. While countries like the US have spent millions to test such tools through simulations, India has been import-dependent.

In its quiet workspace, CM Environs (CME), which simulates all types of climate for military testing, is slowly changing that with 48 of the 58 DRDO labs being its clients. The firm provides chambers for testing of equipment in several mega projects like Agni, India's ballistic missiles programme.And, it all began with Kargil.

“We were not in this business in 1999. While India won, the fact that our communication and other equipment failed gave me an idea and we entered the business, so India has the technology to test its equipment,“ CME chief J Crasta said.

With an average annual turnover of $5 million , the firm has in the last decade and a half slowly captured a majority of the Indian domestic market -military and civilian -valued at $10 million.

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