Casteism: Madhya Pradesh

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Casteism: Madhya Pradesh

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Naisamand: barber refuses service to Ahirwar boys

Prateek Goyal, CASTEISM STILL RULES IN MP's HINTERLAND - In this village, Dalits barred from entering public places, Jan 30 2017 : The Times of India

Casteism has ostracised over 325 members of a reserved community in Naisamand village, barely 80km from Bhopal. A majority of upper caste population in this village has made “life unbearable“ for the minorities, who are barred from entering public places like barber shops, tea stalls and the like.

The village has a population of over 1,800, including Brahmins, Baniyas, Rajputs, Yadavs, Gurjars and Ahirwars. “The discrimination came to light in November 2015, when some boys of the Ahirwar community who were refused service by a local barber owing to their caste chose to protest,“ said Jagannath Ahirwar, a local.

“When they weren't allowed to file a police complaint, they called the CM's hel pline in December 2015 and received a response almost a year later, in November 2016,“ Jagannath added.

In December 2016, a panchayat was called at Naisamand for those living in Kanikhedi, Bandrua, Gujartodi and Monakund. The panchayat allegedly decreed that members of the Ahirwar community would not be allowed to enter any place where members of upper caste and other communities visit.From that time, the community has been officially facing a social boycott.

Refuting claims of discrimination, Rajeev Shrivastav, sub-divisional magistrate of Berasia said, “Some members of Ahirwar community are trying to create problems.Such people should be arrested to ensure peace.“

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