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2014: The victorious candidate

Chandigarh 2014





Name of Member




Kher Kirron Anupam




2014: analysis

Older dimples charm, Kher sweeps out Gul Panag

Deepak Yadav


The Times of India May 17 2014

Actor-politic ian Kirron Kher of BJP de feated Congres's candidate, former railways minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, and AAP's Gul Panag to win the Chandigarh seat.

Kher, branded as an outsider, spoiled Bansal's attempt to win the seat for the fourth consecutive time. Despite being a debutant, she won by 69,642 votes. Kher was fielded by the BJP central leadership due to infighting among lo cal leaders. Her Jat Sikh background and the fact that her father was in the armed forces saw a lot of votes go ing her way.

Bansal's name cropping up in the cash-for-jobs scam in the Railways spoiled his credentials. What further sealed Kher's victory was a division in Bansal's vote bank -the slum colonies and villages of Chandigarh. Panag made inroads into this vote bank. While Kher polled 1,91,362 votes (42.20%), Bansal and Panag secured ,21,720 (26.84%) and 1,08,679 otes (24%) respectively.

Mumbai-based Kher said he would devote time to her onstituency . “My first pririty will be to improve the nfrastructure and build a etter Chandigarh.“

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