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2013 – 23

Nov 12, 2023: The Times of India

The share of various countries in the laptops imported by India, 2013-23
From: Nov 12, 2023: The Times of India

India’s proposed licensing regime for laptop imports alarmed global hardware majors and put the focus on security and self-reliance. Analysis by Richa Gandhi points to China’s outsized share in imports and the big opportunity for domestic production.

Sales figures


Sales of Personal computers (Desktop) in India, 2004-13 Source: The Times of India

Tablet sales jump over 400% while desktops stay flat

Pankaj Doval TNN

The Times of India 2013/07/25

NewDelhi:The new-age tablet is apparently gobbling up the PC market. Sales of tablets shot up from just 3.6 lakh units in 2011-12 to over 19 lakh in the last fiscal, a jump of over 400%, even as desktop PC sales grew by just 1%.

Latest data released by the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) on Wednesday showed the demand for tablets was driven by users’ desire for apps (applications) to track everything from calories burned to the weather to navigating the city.

Although India was a late entrant to the world of smartphones and tablets, it now seems to be moving in line with global trends, with users climbing up the ladder. Smartphone sales went past 1.5 crore units in 2012-13, compared to over 95 lakh in the previous year. Desktop computer sales was at 67.69 lakh units.

Summary: BIG BITE

19 lakh tablets sold in 2012-13, up from just 3.6 lakh the year before, a growth of 427%

Just 1% growth in desktop sales in 2012-13; overall PC market up 5%

79% of tablet-buyers owned a PC or smartphone

21% were 1st-time buyers of a computing device

PSUs, govt institutions keep PCs alive

But unlike the international market, where PC sales have declined for straight quarters, institutional demand and purchases in smaller towns is keeping companies in business.

The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) numbers show that PC sales fell almost 14% in January-March 2013, while tablets surged 143% 4.9 crore units. In fact, the first quarter global tablet sales was more than what was sold during January-June 2012, reflecting skyrocketing demand in emerging markets such as India.

With prices going down, consumers have plenty to choose from. Right from the top-notch Apple iPads that cost around Rs 50,000 to a gamut of devices from Samsung and then percolating down to home-grown brands like Micromax and Karbonn, tablets come for as low as Rs 5,000.

A bulk of the desktop PC sales is restricted to government, PSUs and educational establishments, which together account for as much as 65% of the sales. “In terms of household sales, these are happening in what I would call the ‘rest of India’, or C-class towns. The metros and B-class towns are no longer major buyers of desktops,” an analyst said.


Personal computer sales, marketshare in India: 2020-21
From: August 24, 2021: The Times of India

See graphic:

Personal computer sales, marketshare in India: 2020-21

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