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Right now the site is being 'populated' with articles and information.

We plan to launch it only after we have enough articles to justify a launch.

At our present slow pace we might not be able to launch before April 2015.


How you can help

Please do NOT offer donations in cash. We cannot and will not accept money or anything material.

Right now we are managing fine, though on a shoestring budget When we reach a position when we cannot manage (and by mid-2015 we might reach that stage) we will seek advertisements, not donations of money.


Please donate your time, instead.

Improve our site.

Upload the thousands of articles that are waiting to be uploaded. If you are planning to take the Civil Services exam two or three years from now, you can be assured of better GK (general knowledge) about India and South Asia by then.

Write fresh articles, especially about South Asian countries other than India and Pakistan (about both of which there is plenty in the pipeline.)

Write about India's North East.

Volunteers are more than welcome, but we cannot pay.

Our Facebook page is You can post messages there (on the Timeline/ wall or send a message) but it might not always be possible for us to respond to them.

Contribute articles (not money) to Indpaedia

Hopefully by early 2015 readers will be able to post new articles and update existing ones directly on Indpaedia—as they can on Wikipedia. Till then readers can send new articles, updates and corrections to our Facebook page

‘What should I write about?’ you ask.

Ideally about great subjects that appeal to lakhs and millions of readers. For ideas see our list of Categories and, within each Category, the kind of articles there already are.

Or write about your school, your ancestral village, your community, your college, your town…Or update existing articles about these subjects.

Just one article will clearly not be enough if you are from an old school or college. Year-wise histories of the annual winter festivals of the IITs and colleges like St Stephen’s can be independent articles. As can be year-wise histories of the Miss Fresher contests of colleges and towns.

Your village: British-era gazetteers used to give the area and population of important villages and add that the village had 7 Brahmin, 1 Syed, 16 Jatav, 11 Nair, 3 Chettiar, 18 Angami, 3 Rongmei families and so on.

The revenue records in the office of your village accountant (variously known as Patwari, Thallathi, Patel, Karnam, Adhikari, Shanbogaru, etc.) are a storehouse of information about your village: Especially settlement records.

When was your village founded? (This might not always be available.) What is the meaning of its name? (This is almost always available in settlement records. In North India and Pakistan this is given under the head ‘vajah tasmiya.’) Give the names of as many village headmen (sarpanch, numberdar) as the village elders can remember (or you have records about).

Religious structures in the village—to which deity or saint are they dedicated, roughly when were they built, how big are they in size, what material are they made of, when is the annual ritual, any detail like that. If the village has a heritage pond, or a natural forest or lake or riverbank---future generations will appreciate details like that.

Colleges and schools: When were they founded? Who founded them? The names of principals, school captains, sports captains, famous alumni, famous sports victories, toppers in board exams, anecdotes, traditions (Hindu College, Delhi has a famous tree), dramatic society, famous debaters…

Communities: Write about your own community, not others. Indpaedia is a ‘feel-good’ archive. If you do not have anything good to say about others, don’t say it.

Why are we not giving a contact address or email ID?

Because we do not have the staff to handle mail. For all practical purposes this is a one-man archive.

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