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Daisy Shah
Daisy Shah

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Daisy Shah

Salman sir’s nature is just like my father’s: Daisy Shah

Priya Gupta,TNN | Jan 4, 2014

The Times of India

Who is Daisy Shah?

Film actor Daisy Shah is a Gujarati with a Catholic name [what's Catholic about Daisy???] as her dad was raised in Sion among Catholics. She considers herself the boy in the family and is emotional, sensitive and responsible. She has been constantly working ever since she dropped out of college and given a chance, she would love to sleep. Her being good-hearted may just be one of the big reasons for the good-hearted Salman Khan to have chosen her for his upcoming film with a heart, Jai Ho.

Early life and family

Daisy Shah in Race 3 (2018)

She is a Gujarati, born and brought up in Mumbai. Her father worked as a floor manager in a clothing mill in Dombivli and her mother is a homemaker.

Daisy Shah is an arts graduate from Mumbai's Khalsa College.

Year of birth: 1984 (oneindia/ 1989/1990 (filmyfolks)

Statistics 2014

Height : 5'7"(Approx)

Weight : 65 Kg(approx)

First break

After her 10th, she had this Miss Dombivli contest in a mall, where she won the Miss Photogenic title. The ramp choreographer had some contacts with the film industry and a few days later, she got a call from him saying that he wanted her to do a role, where she would be standing as a part of the crowd and would be given 600 for two days work. she was happy to do that. A few days later, he called her to be a part of a crowd again in a Sunny Deol song.

It was raining heavily and so four of the dancers for the song had not turned up. Ganesh Acharya was the choreographer and he asked her coordinator to give him four girls out of them, who had been hired as extras to stand as the crowds behind, in the song. she shot as a dancer for one day, where Ganesh Acharya spotted her and he asked her to join his group. she was his group dancer for two-and-a-half years, after which she started assisting him. As an assistant, her job was to learn the steps from Ganesh and then teach it to the others, for them to practise.

While dancing for her was fun, becoming a choreographer was not something she wanted to do. A choreographer had to take the pressure of pleasing the director, producer and the actor and that is not what she could do.

Kannada films

She started modelling for ads, where she got spotted and was offered a Kannada film in 2010.

She was the female lead opposite South actor Jaggesh in the original Kannada version of Salman's 2011 hit Bodyguard.

she has always gone with the flow and for her, any job is good. Post completing shooting of the film, she returned to Mumbai for a few months, when Ganesh was choreographing the song for Dabangg, which is where Salman Khan saw her.

She had worked with him earlier too and he asked her what she had been doing. she told him about her Kannada film and showed him her pictures. He offered her the role of Kareena's friend in Bodyguard. she was reluctant and in two minds, as she was not comfortable doing the role, but she was also super scared of saying no to him. But she had to follow her gut feeling and said no to him. On the face of it, he said okay to her, but he later told her that he was super pissed with her at that time. she went back to doing South films, till she again got a call from Salman Khan asking her to come and audition for Jai Ho.

The Jai Ho role

According to another legend Salman Khan noticed her during the shooting of a song for God Tussi Great Ho where she was an assistant choreographer. According to The Times of India ‘she caught Salman's eye at a party which she attended with Ganesh’

Either way, Daisy is on record as having said that she was offered the role of Kareena Kapoor's friend in the Salman-starrer Bodyguard but "I said no to Bodyguard because I thought what's the use of being in a Salman Khan movie if you can't romance him."

Good for her because she got that, too.

Salman Khan and Sohail bhai later told her that while they were initially hesitating to take her, it was Salim uncle who made them take the decision and told them, 'Go with your gut feel. You have seen the screen test. You like the girl, so what's the problem?' In fact, Salman Khan was the last one to say an okay to her. she was told just one day before shooting that she was in the film. she had auditioned and it was a unanimous decision of the family. She is not expressive in real life. she was having dinner with Salman sir's family when she was told that she had been given the role. And she said, 'Really?' And then said, 'Okay.' They said, 'Show them some excitement that you are happy.' she was actually very happy, but she's not expressive. The biggest belief she have is that destiny plays a big role and knew that like her dad's death and her scar on the forehead, this too must have been destined.

Rumoured affair with Ganesh Acharya: and later distancing from him

filmyfolks writes, "Daisy Shah is apparently dating her choreographer mentor Ganesh Acharya [and is said to be] the reason behind his divorce."

Ganesh admits that he has heard the rumours. "Even my own group would tease me about her when she was with us. But Daisy and I were never in a relationship. I'm happily married," he toldThe Times of India Therefore, at least the reports of Acharya's divorce are false.

Acharya also denied having gifted her a house and a car.

The Times of India added, ‘Once the film (Jai Ho) went on the floors, Daisy developed starry airs and started keeping a distance from Ganesh and former friends. Once, when both were shooting at the same studio, she did not even acknowledge the man who had made her dream come true...

‘Success created a distance not only between Ganesh and Daisy but also Salman and him. Ganesh who regularly choreographed Salman's hit tracks hasn't worked with him since the item number in SOS-Son of Sardar. A few months after the release of Ajay Devgn's home production in November 2012, Jai Ho went on the floors, with Daisy and without Ganesh.’

Jai Ho has not been the success that a Salman Khan film is expected to be. It is to be seen how this i pacts Daisy's future career.

The big scar on her forehead

Her scar is visible only by a naked eye and is not visible in the film. she had a terrible car accident in Ooty in 2005. she was rushing to catch a flight from Ooty, when our car met with this head-on accident. Initially she panicked, as the accident had happened in a small town and so they had no choice but to rush to a hospital close by. They then came back to Mumbai and she got treated again by Dr Narendra Pandya and she remember the one thing he said to her, 'Daisy, right now you are thinking so much about your scar, but there will be one time when you will start liking your scar.' And today, she does like it. she have started living with it. she take it in a positive way, as her life turned after her accident. So may be it was a turn of destiny for her.

Complete filmography

As Miscellaneous Crew

2003 Ek Aur Ek Gyarah: By Hook or by Crook (assistant choreographer)

2003 Zameen (assistant choreographer)

2004 Khakee (assistant choreographer)

2008 Money Hai Toh Honey Hai (associate choreographer)

As an actress

2010 Vandae Maatharam (Malayalam / Tamil)

2011 - Bhadra ( Kannada )

2011 - Bodyguard ( Kannada )

2013 - Bachchan ( Kannada )

2013 Bloody Isshq (Hindi) Item song: Danger Hai Laila

2013 Gajendra (Kannada)

2014 Jai Ho (heroine)

2014 - Akramana ( Kannada )

2014 Soda(Hindi)

2014 Spark

2015 Hate Story 3

2016 Subhash Sarees ad film

2017 Ram Ratan

2018 Race 3

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