Date Growing In Sindh

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Date Growing In Sindh

May 7, 2006

At a glance

Khajji Cooperative Society: One of the OPP-OCT Partners in Sindh By Anwar Rashid


Date Growing In Sindh
Date Growing In Sindh

The history of date growing in Sindh is very old. It goes back to the time of Muhammad Bin Qasim whose soldiers had brought dates with them as part of their food. The seeds of those dates gave birth to the first date palms in the area. 90 per cent of the dates in Sindh grow in Khairpur, a city of much historical importance. Therefore, date farming has to be taken as a mainstay of economy of the district.

The report educates about the problems faced by date farmers. Although the date palm has a fairly long lifespan (around 65 years), it is prone to many disasters such as virus, unseasonal rains, etc. Then there is also the marketing and selling part which is not easy. To help the date farmers of the area, several educated young men came together to form the Khajji Cooperative Society. Among other things, the society finds ways to solve the different kinds of problems encountered by the farmers, it provides them with better crop protection techniques and imparts knowledge of handling finances. The booklet is a valuable source of information on date farming in Sindh.

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