Deva Leelai/ Deva Kanniyalu (2010)

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Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)

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Deva Leelai (Tamil)/ Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)

Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu): ‘sacred’ sex to the tune of Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Deva Leelai (Tamil) / Deva Kanniyalu (Telugu)

Old Indian traditions as an excuse for nudity

Deva Leelai – A film about 200years back By Editor Kollywood Today March 2nd, 2010 <> FilmiBeat


Deva Leelai/ Deva Kanniyaluis movie based on revenge and love and romance. And there is lot of scope to add spicy contents into the movie.

Devakanyalu is the story of a man who wishes to possess the magical powers that will enable him to be invincible. But in order for him to gain these powers he must make three angels share the bed with him. How the magician lures the angels and tries to accomplish his purpose forms the crux of the story.

Kollywood Today adds: A man possesses all the powers of the world after severe tapasvin. But due to a mistake he commits, he is cursed. In order retain his power, he has to copulate with three particular women before the full moon night. Then only he will be retaining his mystic powers. But if he misses this opportunity, he will lose all his powers. Whether he was to copulate with three women is the rest of the story.

This film which has a different kind of story [set in a period] some 200 years ago. So they had to shoot this film in a place where there is no TV cables, TV dishes, vehicles or habitations. The shooting of the film took place in the forest areas of Sringeri, Dharmstala, Kudhiraimukku, Senji, Chitoor and Bangalore.

The hero is an evil minded person. A snake tries to take revenge on him. The snake only completes the story. The hero enters from one body to another and the snake scenes have been done by using graphics.


The film revels in high-mindedness.

Old Hindu tantric mysticism is the excuse for the anti-hero to want to have sex.

Old Hindu costumes—unstitched, as was the tradition in all of Asia, from Thailand to the middle East and Greece and Rome—are an excuse for the nudity.

Above all, in the climax the cobra-girl heroine performs prayers singing a melodious Tamil version of the 1978 Hindi song ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram,’ which, too, was ostensibly religious but religion was just a mask for nudity—in both films.

Saints are brought into the story for further justification.

Successful formula repeated

'Devaleelai' is from the man who was the surprise winner of 2009 with his soft adult movie 'Kadhal Kadhai'. Having tasted success once Velu Prabhakaran did not want to deviate from his formula. The publicity and the public talk have been cleverly managed to give an impression that this movie is also as sleazy as his 'Kadhal Kadhai'. India Glitz Friday, July 16, 2010


Leading man: Dhanakumar

The five heroines of the film are

Roopa Bhat



Pushpa Naik



Story and screenplay: Tulasi

Lyrics and dialogues: Anbazhagan

Photography and direction: Krishna –Prabhakaran

Music: Durga

Producers: Diwakar and Balaji (Tamil); K. Satya Narayana Reddy (Telugu)

Languages: Tamil and Telugu languages

Banner: 3 D Studio Com Entertainment.

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