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Welcome to Aluva sub-jail, O king of liars
Dileep in July 2017
No, this is not a scene from one of Dileep’s films
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The three phases of Dileep’s career

Manju Warrier, former wife
Dileep and Manju Warrier were married for 17 years before they divorced in 2015

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Kishor Rajmohan, Feb 12, 2017

Dileep arrest: From mimicry artist to film star, how this leading actor landed in jail in relation to actress attack case | FE Online | July 11, 2017 | Financial Express

Sreedhar Pillai | Stardom to Jail Inmate: The Rise & Fall of Malayalam Actor Dileep | 11 July, 2017 | The Quint

VINSON KURIAN | Actor Dileep's arrest trains light on dark underbelly of Malayalam cinema | JULY 11 2017 | The Hindu Business Line

Dileep's life and career

Born on October 27, 1968, Ernakulam

The superstar's importance: and power

The Malayalam film industry measures up to one-tenth the size of the its Tamil or Telugu peers in South India but had banked heavily on the star appeal and entrepreneurial acumen of Dileep.

He might have been the third in the pecking order of remuneration after the highly-acclaimed Mohanlal or Mammootty but had come to be recognised as the industry's most bankable star otherwise.

His successful ventures into film distribution, production and exhibition had made him the most influential personality around whom the entire industry had come to rally round. (VINSON KURIAN | The Hindu Business Line)

Dileep comes third in terms of popularity and box office success after Kerala’s two “superstars” Mohanlal and Mammootty. Dileep has acted in more than 130 films and has cult-like popularity in Kerala. (Financial Express )

The popular actor’s fans refer to him as ‘Janapriya Nayakan’ (People’s Actor).

Dileep in many ways controlled the Malayalam film industry as he was a ‘one-man industry’ who had stake as a leading actor, producer of many hits, a solid distribution company, and last year started D- Cinemas, a popular multiplex in Chalakudy near Thrissur. He was also the Treasurer of the most powerful film organisation in Kerala - AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists), which he set up along with other big stars of the industry. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Dileep, along with Mammootty and Mohanlal, was the ruling Trimurti who ran the industry. Both M and M owe a lot to Dileep, who helped them control their stardom and hold over the industry, especially in the last 10 years. Dileep could make or break other supporting actors’ careers and reportedly had a final word in everything in the cine field including casting. He recently broke the back of the exhibitors’ federation and the hold of Liberty Basheer, and got him defeated and anointed himself as the new president of the Theatre Federation. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

As an actor there ([were]) 3 stages in the career of Dileep..

Establishing phase

The actor began his career as a mimicry artist with a group of friends, also worked as an assistant director to well-known Director Kamal and later he donned small yet significant roles in several Malayalam movies. His comic sense of timing won the hearts of Malayali movie-goers but what had worked mostly in his popularity at the box office was the few movies that he did with actress Manju Warrier as his leading heroine. Their on-screen chemistry translated into blockbuster movies and the two young actors became a leading pair and a much-wanted combination in Malayalam cinema. (Financial Express )

Dileep spent his college days at Ernakulam’s prestigious Maharaja’s college and became a mimicry artist at the famous Kalabhavan. Mimicry of popular actors and politicians was a form of entertainment especially in the 80s and 90s during college functions and festivals in temples and churches in Kerala. And with the advent of satellite channels, Gopalakrishnan was the star performer in Comicola, a comedy show on Asianet, the first Malayalam satellite channel. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Nadir Shah was his best friend from those days. Then it was but natural for a mimicry artist to graduate to the big screen after the success of actors like Jayaram, Siddique , Sainuddin and others. And Gopalakrishnan became an assistant to leading director Kamal, and later debuted as a hero with Mannathe Kottaram (1994), directed by Sunil who gave him the screen name Dileep. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Dileep slowly got established at first in acting in combo with other actors like Prem Kumar,Indrans,Nadir Shah, Haree Sree Asokan etc.after a while he got recognition and became the first hero in multi hero films, the quality of his films were consistently improving and he got the best break in the form of Sallapam, which was having good songs, Manju Warrier, Manoj.k.Jayan and the movie was successful and embarked the growth phase of his career (Kishor Rajmohan)

October 20, 1998: Unexpectedly, Manju Warrier tied the knot with him and decided to quit movies at a time when she was reigning as an undisputed queen in the Malayalam film industry. Her fans reacted and the film industry was upset at losing one of their finest actresses. Despite several requests from top directors and producers, Manju Warrier decided to stay away from the movies while Dileep struggled in his career as an actor. (Financial Express )

Growth Phase

But it was his association with writer Lohitadas and Sallapam (1996), where Manju Warrier played the heroine, that got him star recognition. The Dileep-Manju romantic pair became popular among the audiences with films like Ee Puzhayam Kadannu (1997) and he married her in 1998, when she was at her peak and the number one heroine. The buzz is that Dileep insisted that Manju should not act in films, and soon she faded out and became a housewife. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Year 2000: A big break in the form of ”Joker” catapulted Dileep’s career once again, and he came into the limelight, winning hearts as a ‘joker’ on screen. Following this movie, he had many super hit movies to his credit and he diversified into becoming a producer, distributor, theater owner and also opened his own restaurant ”Dey Puttu.” (Financial Express )

And in early 2000, Dileep-Kavya Madhavan became a hot pair in Malayalam cinema.

In late 1990s and early 2000, Dileep became a mass hero doing slapstick comedy entertainers with films like Punjabi House, Thenkasipattanam, Ee Parakkum Thalika, Meesa Madhavan and many others. Most of the writers and directors of these films were from the mimicry background and he personally picked them on their ability to provide slapstick comedy. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Please note director Priyadarshan and actor Mohanlal had made comedy genre films the strongest formula to succeed at the box-office in 80s and 90s. After Mohanlal became a superstar and Priyadarshan migrated to Bollywood, Dileep saw a market in reinventing the slapstick comedy genre, which worked to his advantage. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Though he tried his best to change his image by doing films with serious filmmakers including the master Adoor Gopalakrishnan in Pinneyum (2016), it never worked. It was crass commercial laugh-a-minute comedies that Dileep is known for and he never got the kind of recognition reserved for Mohanlal and Mammootty. The advent of new generation heroes like Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Dulquer Salmaan, saw Dileep concentrating more on the business of cinema and his hold over the industry through AMMA. (Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint)

Dileep brand of films was getting high level of acceptance among the audience and fan following was started and family audience preferred his films, since the big M' s reached mid 40's comparatively younger dileep got attention of youngsters at that time only youngster to reckon was Prithvi raj who was also struggling for a break, Dileep movies was paisa vasool kind of with comedies and entertainment and one point he attempted variety of roles as well, “Kunji koonan”for instance, when he himself and Malayalam movies were in a crisis the biggest hit of his career “ Meesa Madhavan” released which has some evergreen songs and interesting plot, his notable movies in this period is evergreen comedy movie like Punjabi House, Parakkum Thalika, Chandu Pottu, Kunji Koonan, Runway,C.I.D.Moosa etc.. (Kishor Rajmohan)

Stagnation/ decline phase

([In the]) decade or so ([before 2017]) that assured entertainment that was associated with his films are lacking, there is no assurance in terms of quality as well it can be crass or o.k, some times one can ensure that there will be something to laugh out in his films and it was good to watch with family that is also falling apart, one can expect any thing in the name of comedy of late in his films, it can be adult jokes, crass comedies, innuendos, double meaning without considering that family with kids are watching, in this period there is My Boss to Welcome To Central Jail, that is the range but he is focusing into charity and business ventures and started a new lease in his personal life in the form of marriage, one could see him as a director in some time as he was an assistant director before the stint of actor. (Kishor Rajmohan)

2015: Divorces Manju Warrier

Kavya Madhavan , second wife
Dileep and Kavya Madhavan were often called the ‘Laila-Majnu’ of Malayalam films as they had done a number of romantic films together

Malayalam Actor Dileep Divorced from Wife Manju Warrier | Jan 31,2015| IANS

Kochi: The order completing the divorce proceedings of Malayalam film star couple Dileep and Manju Warrier came out Saturday.

The two had Thursday appeared in the family court here to formalise their separation. After they expressed their desire to separate, the court, Saturday issued the final order annulling their marriage which took place in 1998.

The star couple's teenaged daughter will live with Dileep, but Warrier will have the right to see her any time.

Not much is known about the monetary transactions, or transfer of assets between the two.

The star couple, after 16 years of marriage, had July 24, 2014, first appeared in the family court here and filed the joint divorce petition.

The two were married in 1998, after which Warrier called time on her film career, while Dileep's career went on.

The actress had began her career in 1995, and in a short span of four years acted in 20 films before turning a home maker in 1999.

[In 2014], she returned to the films and her first release "How Old Are You" has been a smashing hit and with that she has got numerous offers including from other South Indian languages.

Other controversies in Dileep’s life

Sreeju Sudhakaran | July 12, 2017 | Bollywood Life.com

The AMMA – MACTA war

One of the biggest feuds that Malayalam industry has seen was the infamous AMMA – MACTA war that happened a few years back, and resulted in the creation of a parallel organisation to that of MACTA, the directors’ organisation. And it all began with Dileep actually. The spark was caused when Dileep walked out of a movie called Kuttananadan Express and insisting on the director Tulasidas being replaced with another one. Tulasidas complained with MACTA who promptly banned Dileep from working on further movies. AMMA, the actors’ organisation, backed Dileep and this led to one of the biggest stalemates in the industry. This also made Vinayan be at loggerheads with the bigwigs of Malayalam cinema, and his longtime ire towards Dileep.

Kavya Madhavan’s divorce

Before her first marriage to businessman Nischal, there were rumours that Dileep was having an affair with actress Kavya Madhavan. However, Kavya ended all those rumours by marrying Nischal, who also used to be a child actor in Malayalam cinema. However, there was trouble soon in paradise, and the marriage ended in a divorce within a few months. While she accused her ex in-laws of mentally and physically torturing her, they blamed her proximity to Dileep for the breaking of marriage.

The 2017 rape case

Audio recording had surfaced 3 weeks before Dileep’s arrest

Audio tape of 'blackmail' of Malayalam actor Dileep surfaces| 26-06-2017 | PTI

Kochi: An audio recording of a purported telephonic talk by the main accused in the sensational abduction and assault of a South Indian actress 'blackmailing' Malayalam actor Dileep through his aide surfaced on Sunday.

The audio clip was aired by Malayalam TV channels a day after the actor disclosed he has filed a police complaint on April 20 alleging blackmail by a man, who claimed to be a friend of Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the case.

In the audio, Suni, currently lodged in the Ernakulam District jail near here, purportedly told Dileep's manager that money should be given if the actor's name should not be dragged in the case.

Incidentally, this conversation was alleged to have taken place before April 20 2-17 when Dileep had filed the police complaint along with evidences of blackmailing based on the telephonic talk of one Vishnu, who claimed himself to be Suni's friend, with his friend and film director Nadirshah.

Vishnu had allegedly demanded huge money from the actor.

Nadirshah had said Vishnu, claimed to have shared a cell with Suni in jail, told him that some people in the Malayalam film world have offered to give money to Suni if he implicated Dileep in the abduction of the actress on February 17.

The revelation came in the wake of media reports that police is planning to reopen the abduction and assault case.

Six persons, including Pulsar Suni, Martin and Vigeesh were arrested by police in connection with the incident in which the actress was abducted and allegedly molested inside her car for two hours by the accused, who had forced their way into the vehicle and later escaped in a busy area here.

The plot

Disney Tom| Dileep plotted actress' rape for `meddling in his affairs'| Jul 12 2017 | The Times of India (Delhi)

A day after top Malayalam actor Dileep's arrest on conspiracy charges in the abduction and rape of an actress in February [2017], police sources close to the investigation revealed that he had nursed a grudge against her since 2013 for “meddling in his private affairs“.

The actress had allegedly passed on incriminating information to Dileep's then wife Manju Warrier about his affair with his current wife, actress Kavya Madhavan. At the rehearsal of an award function in 2013, Dileep had an open spat with the actress and this, police believe, provoked him to plot the “revenge“.

Dileep then allegedly contracted `Pulsar' Suni, a petty criminal and film world hanger-on, to sexually assault the actress and shoot explicit visuals of the act and promised him Rs 1.5 crore for the job. According to the remand report filed by police, Dileep told Suni to ensure that that the video should be shot “up and close“ so that it wouldn't be dismissed as a morphed one. He also directed Suni to take close-up shots of the ring finger of the recently betrothed actress. The special investigation team (SIT) pieced together the motive and conspiracy angle following extensive interrogation of Dileep, Suni and his accomplices, and the recordings of several phone conversations between the main culprits involved in the crime.

The remand report says Suni met Dileep between March 26 and April 17, 2016, to plan the crime. Police said the actor was staying in a prominent Kochi hotel at the time of the award show and the prime accused met him there. Dileep also met Suni three times in November 2016. The actor, the remand report states, also conspired with Suni in a caravan at Thrissur tennis club on November 13, 2016. Apart from this, the two of them discussed the matter at Thoppumpady on November 13 and at Thodupuzha Shantigiri College. Police have cited eyewitness accounts and call data records as proof.

Following his arrest, Dileep was summarily removed from the primary membership of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). Other organisations related to producers, exhibitors and film employees too followed suit, completing the isolation of an actor whose word till recently was writ in the Malayalam film industry.

Dileep has been charged under sections 120 (b) (criminal conspiracy), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement), 366 (kidnapping), 376 (d) (a woman is raped by one or more persons constituting a group or acting in furtherance of a common intention), 411(dishonestly receiving stolen property), 506 (i), 201 (punishment for criminal intimidation), 212 (harbouring offender) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of IPC and sections 66 (E) and 67 (A) of the IT Act.

Dileep’s fall from superstardom

Sharanya Gopinathan | Kerala actress assault: Blow-by-blow account of Dileep’s fall from superstardom | Jul 14, 2017 | GRIST Media/ Hindustan Times

Police believe that Dileep paid men to abduct and assault the actor and take videos as proof, in order to ‘teach her a lesson’. Here’s a a detailed account of how the case unfolded.

Kerala has spent the last few months being shaken up by new developments in the case of the popular Malayalam [female] actor who was abducted and sexually assaulted in a car by four men in Kochi on February 17, 2017. But nothing has been more shocking than the arrest [of] Malayalam superstar Dileep.

While the definitive nature of arrest was unexpected, Dileep’s name featured immediately on the grapevine as soon as the assault made news. As weeks went by, it became clearer that this wasn’t just the product of an over-enthusiastic rumour mill, but a dark conspiracy.

Rumours linking Dileep to the assault began on the same evening of February 17 [2017]. Back then, media organisations, in their haste to break the ‘juicy’ bits, didn’t wait for legitimate details of the sexual assault, and ran reports naming the actor, and even her photograph. When it came to light that she had been sexually assaulted, most media houses backtracked and began referring to her as “a popular Malayalam actor”. But by then, the damage was done, and her identity became common knowledge.

It was also common knowledge that the survivor and Dileep had been bitter enemies for years. The rumour mill supplied various explanations of their falling out. Some said it was due to disagreements over real estate dealings. Others believed it stemmed from the survivor’s support of Dileep’s ex-wife, actor Manju Warrier, when they divorced. Some took that theory even further, and said the survivor earned Dileep’s enmity when she tipped Manju Warrier off about his affair with his current wife, actor Kavya Madhavan. It was widely known that Dileep - who was well-connected politically and within the film industry, and was the leader of numerous film actors’, producers’ and distributors’ associations -- had blacklisted her from working in the industry, forcing her to work exclusively in Tamil and Telugu movies.

(Sreedhar Pillai | The Quint adds: He (Dileep) had a deep-rooted hatred for the actress because she squealed on his affair with Kavya to Manju, and in fact confronted her over it at a Kochi five-star hotel. The spat turned ugly and other actors had to intervene, but Dileep saw to it that the actress was “person non-grata” in the Malayalam film industry as nobody dared to cast her again as the heroine. )

Initially, it was these rumours of Dileep’s grudge-loving personality that linked him to the case. Everyone from the chief minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan to Dileep himself discredited the rumours. In a barely veiled reference to Dileep, the Vijayan said in February that the media “should not go after those who usually do not commit such crimes”. Dileep himself took to social media to berate the media for “targeting him” and insinuating that he was involved in the “heinous crime”. He also filed a police complaint over social media posts linking him to the case.

The police, meanwhile, on February 23, arrested the main accused, ‘Pulsar’ Suni (Sunil Kumar), and his accomplice, from a local court complex in Ernakulam. They had jumped over the court complex wall, disguised as lawyers, and were trying to enter the witness stand, apparently to surrender, rather than be arrested. Despite these efforts, police forced their way into the court and arrested them. Two other accomplices of Pulsar Suni were soon arrested.

Pulsar Suni initially told the police that he had masterminded the crime himself, with the intent of assaulting the actor, recording visuals, and blackmailing her for cash later. He told police that there was no conspiracy involved. He changed his story in jail, saying he committed the crime at the behest of movie industry leaders. He later retracted this statement too, and maintained that there was no conspiracy. For a while, all was quiet.

Reports of a letter dated April 12, written on Pulsar Suni’s behalf by a friend, to Dileep blew the case wide open. In the letter, Pulsar Suni reveals he called Nadirsha because he did not want to contact Dileep and put him in jeopardy. He says that he will call Nadirsha in a few days regarding some money, and sweetly gives Dileep five months to hand over another promised sum of money. He wrote that if Dileep doesn’t want him to call Nadirsha, he should send Rs 300 through a money order to his jail number. That would be their code. The letter also mentions that Pulsar Suni visited a “shop in Kakkanad”, a detail which became significant soon enough.

This letter became a tangible link between Pulsar Suni and Dileep. It also implicated Nadirsha, and the reference to a shop brought Dileep’s wife, Kavya Madhavan, into the fray.

Soon after this letter began making the rounds, on the June 24, it was reported that Dileep had lodged a complaint with the police that he was being blackmailed for Rs 1.5 crore by a co-prisoner of Pulsar Suni’s named Vishnu. The complaint alleged that Vishnu called Nadirsha asking for money in exchange for not bringing Dileep’s name into the case. Police arrested Vishnu and one Sanal Kumar in relation to this complaint.

Earlier [July 2017] there were reports that Pulsar Suni called Dileep’s friend, director Nadirsha, and Dileep’s manager, Appunni, three times from the landline in Kakkanad District Jail. One of these calls was eight minutes long. Records indicated that Nadirsha and Appuni called back on this number.

In the midst of all this, Dileep found time to announce on television that the assault survivor and Pulsar Suni were close friends, had spent time together in Goa, and that the assault should serve as a lesson about choosing friends carefully. He also insisted that he had no links to criminal elements like Pulsar Suni. Soon after, the assault survivor announced her intention to sue “an actor”, understood to be Dileep, who had made objectionable remarks against her.

On the June 28, police took in Dileep and Nadirsha for a 13-hour interrogation. To give you a sense of how powerful Dileep (owner of businesses, theatres and a restaurant, and with alleged links to various Kerala MLAs) and his friend Nadirsha are in Kerala, it was also reported that Nadirsha had been ‘trained’ by an additional director general of police (ADGP) at a place near Vytilla before being questioned. (According to Dailyhunt, Nadirsha said the cop visited him because it was Eid.)

At this point Dileep said he had been called in to record his statement over the blackmail complaint he had filed against Pulsar Suni’s friends, but reports indicated that he had been questioned about the conspiracy charges in the case of the actor’s assault. Dileep was asked about his association with Pulsar Suni, whom he repeatedly denied knowing or meeting. He was also asked about Laksyah, the boutique and online shopping website owned by his wife, Kavya Madhavan, in Kakkanad. It’s this boutique that police believe Pulsar Suni referred to in his letter, which he visited after the assault. On June 30, police searched this shop in a three-hour raid, and CCTV footage revealed Pulsar Suni had indeed visited it.

On June 2, a new piece of evidence refuting Dileep’s assertion that he had never met Pulsar Suni surfaced: A fan’s selfie of Dileep showing Pulsar Suni in the background. This picture was taken at Kinattinkal Academy in Thrissur, during the shooting of Dileep’s film Georgettan’s Pooram (also mentioned in Suni’s letter).

Currently, these are the pieces of evidence on which the case against Dileep hangs: the calls made by Suni to Nadirsha and his manager Appuni (currently absconding), the contradictions in Dileep’s statements to the police where he denied knowing Pulsar Suni, and photographs that pin Pulsar Suni and Dileep to the same location despite Dileep’s contrary statements.

In the days following these developments, it became clear that the ‘big shark’ Pulsar Suni’s associate mentioned to the media would soon be trapped. On July 10, Dileep was arrested by police on conspiracy charges. People immediately took to the streets to vandalise his businesses, and when he was brought to Aluva sub-jail, inmates welcomed him with cheers of ‘Welcome to Central Jail’, the name of one of his movies.

Jayanthi KV, an advocate in Thiruvananthapuram, says the charges against Dileep are yet to be framed, and he’s currently been taken in for further investigation. Soon enough, it will be clearer what sections of the IPC he’s to be charged under. If he is ultimately found guilty of abetment, she says, he will be given the same sentence as those accused of physically committing the abduction and sexual assault.

Dileep’s arrest has sent shockwaves through the Malayalam film industry. The Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes, of which Dileep had been treasurer until the day after his arrest, had earlier vouched for Dileep’s innocence and said they’d stand by him. The day after his arrest, AMMA convened an emergency meeting at superstar Mammootty’s house (the general secretary) and Dileep was unceremoniously chucked out. Members of AMMA who had defended Dileep earlier made shame-faced noises about how shocked they were.

Dileep’s fall from prodigal son status also allowed for a lot of pent-up grief to spill, and the immediacy with which it came to light gives you an idea of how dark Dileep’s dealings were. Soon after his arrest, several industry insiders like director Vinayan, made statements on Dileep’s clout in the industry, his vindictiveness towards his enemies, and his habit of blacklisting them.

Some of the new allegations against Dileep paint an even weirder picture. Rafeeque Seelat, a screenwriter, said he once caught Dileep hanging upside down from a hotel terrace in Kochi while another man held his legs, so that he could peep into the room of a woman who was changing. He says Dileep found out Rafeeque saw this, and therefore, tried to end his career. Malayalam newspapers also report that Dileep had once paid Pulsar Suni to take nude photographs of another female actor he had issues with.

The public opinion towards Dileep after the arrest is largely one of rage, although his fans are still keeping their heads up. While he does have a huge fan base in Kerala (he’s called the ‘People’s Actor’), it isn’t the same massive support that say, Salman Khan received when he was embroiled in legal battles, although a few banners and posters foretelling Dileep’s comeback have cropped up in Kerala already. Many people have been flocking to courts and jails where he’s being produced, to catcall and wave black flags at him. On the other hand, disgraced former cricketer and failed BJP politician S Sreesanth has made a statement that seems vaguely supportive of Dileep, saying that we shouldn’t crucify Dileep until he’s proven guilty in court.

As many people within the industry are saying, these events have scarred the whole Malayalam film industry. No other film industry has seen the clear nailing of a crime so vindictive, and the specifics of this case also reveal how closely the movie industry and underworld criminals work. Dileep’s arrest will also cause a Rs 60 crore loss to the industry, because his upcoming movies will be delayed or not released at all. It’s also likely that the ‘family audience’, who were a large part of his fan base, will no longer want anything to do with him.

Film critic and founder of Mad About Moviez, Sethumadhavan Napan, says the arrest will impact more than just Dileep’s immediate releases. “Dileep played a multi-faceted role in the Malayalam movie industry. He was a producer as well as an actor, owned theatres and was the leader of numerous associations of producers and distributors. All of these have been thrown into disarray. More importantly, this will affect how the whole industry works: now that everyone has seen that an actor as prominent as Dileep can face the consequences of his actions, everyone will be much more careful about how they treat women in the industry.”

(Published by Hindustan Times in arrangement with GRIST Media)

Kavya Madhavan is the 'madam', she funded me, claims Pulsar Suni

Disney Tom | Kavya Madhavan is the 'madam', she funded me, claims Pulsar Suni| Aug 30, 2017 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

Kavya Madhavan is a renowned actress and the wife of actor Dileep

KOCHI: Pulsar Suni on Wednesday put speculations to rest as he named 'Kavya' as the Madam who was involved in the case.

Suni added: "Why is everyone so anxious about the confession of a culprit?"

Kavya Madhavan is a renowned actress and the wife of actor Dileep, accused in the rape case for conspiring and giving a quotation, a contract to Suni for committing the crime.

Madam had become a talking point when advocate Phenie Balakrishnan dropped the name, later Pulsar Suni hinted about her multiple times while going back and forth on his statements.

He had even said that the Madam funded him but was unaware of the conspiracy.

The revelation of Pulsar Suni was made when he was produced at the chief judicial magistrate court in another case.

The bail application of Pulsar Suni alias SuniKumar in the 2011 actress abduction bid case was also considered by the district sessions court on Wednesday.

The remand period of Suni ends on August 30 and was produced in court for the extension of the same.

Meanwhile, Special investigation team probing the actress rape case maintained that they will speed up filing the supplementary charge sheet.

Pulsar Suni claims he had received Rs 25,000 from Nadirshah

Asha Prakash |Pulsar Suni claims he had received Rs 25k from Nadirshah | Sep 12, 2017 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

Pulsar Suni claims he had received Rs 25k from Nadirshah

Amidst hot debates as to whether Nadirshah is involved in the actress' assault case, first accused Pulsar Suni has claimed that he recieved Rs 25000 from Dileep, through Nadirshah. Nadirshah gave him the money on the set of Kattappanayile Hritwik Roshan, at Thodupuzha, he said. It has been proven that Suni's mobile had come under a tower in Thodupuzha, where the shoot of Kattappanayile Hritwik Roshan was on. This happened prior to the incident of the assault of the actress.

The police are also alleging that the visitor's book at Kavya's villa, which contained Pulsar Suni's name, has been destroyed.

Nadirshah had claimed that he was not well and was admitted at a hospital.

SIT establishes that Dileep conspired to trap, rape the actress

Disney Tom | Exposing Dileep’s affair led to actor’s rape, says SIT | TNN | Nov 23, 2017 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

The final report says Dileep nursed a serious grudge against the raped actor.

The victim, it says, "had handed over digital evidence proving an extramarital affair between him and Kavya Madhavan" to his then wife Manju Warrier

Dileep's former wife Manju Warrier has been named as the 11 witness and present wife Kavya Madhavan, 34th witnessDileep's former wife Manju Warrier has been named as the 11 witness and present wife Kavya Madhavan, 34th witness

KOCHI: The special investigation team, which submitted the chargesheet in the actor rape case on Wednesday, has relied on a string of circumstantial evidence to establish that actor Dileep—the eighth accused—had conspired with first accused Pulsar Suni to trap and rape the actress.

Interestingly, the rape survivor has been listed as the first witness. Dileep's former wife Manju Warrier has been named as the 11 witness and present wife Kavya Madhavan, 34th witness.

Fifty others from the film field have also been listed as witnesses.

The final report filed at the Angamaly judicial first class court said Dileep nursed a serious grudge against the raped actor, "who had handed over digital evidence proving an extramarital affair between him and Kavya Madhavan to his then wife Manju Warrier.

The 1,652-page chargesheet has listed 355 persons as witnesses and two approvers.

SIT sources confirmed that only Dileep and Sunilkumar Surendran alias Pulsar Suni were involved in the conspiracy to harm the actor. Investigators have recorded statements to prove that the actor had been nursing a grudge against the rape survivor for several years.

"The actor had told others in the film industry about his hate towards the rape survivor and we have evidence to prove that he nursed this grudge over the years. Hence, the motive part in the case is solid," said SIT source.

"The survivor and her relatives have given strong statements against Dileep. Several persons from the film industry, too, have given statements against him, which would prove the conspiracy angle," an investigator said.

The chargesheet also said Dileep tried to sabotage the survivor's film career.

The SIT, however, have an uphill task ahead as important witnesses have turned hostile. An officer said Sagar Vincent, a former employee of Laksyah—a boutique run by Kavya Madhavan—had stated seeing Suni and second accused Vigeesh visiting the establishment at Kakkanad.

"He made the statements wilfully. But the man later turned hostile," the source said.

Sagar, however, had told about Suni's visit to his friend and girlfriend. Their statements were recorded under CrPC 164. Police said efforts were made to influence these two also.

Police said Sagar had even told Dileep's relative, who runs Laksyah, about Suni visiting the boutique. "He was silenced by the relative. Police made this person phone Sagar, and the latter voluntarily spoke of Suni's visit," police said.

SIT officers said Suni's statement regarding the actions and movements of Dileep cannot be ignored completely. "We have corroborative evidence," the officer said.

The probe into the conspiracy angle got a boost after SIT came across Jinson, a key witness and a fellow prisoner of Dileep.

The accused are Pulsar Suni, Martin, Manikandan, Vigeesh, Salim, Pradeep, Charly Thomas, lawyers Raju Joseph and Pratheesh Chacko, Suni's his fellow prisoners Vishnu and Masthiri Sunil.

Two of the accused, Vipin Lal and civil police officer P K Aneesh, turned approvers.

The actor was abducted and allegedly raped on February 17 night. Suni and Vigeesh were arrested while trying to surrender before a magistrate court in Kochi on February 23. Dileep was arrested on July 10.


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