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White-rumped vulture (Gyps bengalensis)

Sighted in 2017

Kanwardeep Singh, 115 endangered vultures sighted on a tree in Dudhwa nat'l park, June 7, 2017: The Times of India

In a rare sighting, 115 vultures were spotted atop a tree in the Dudhwa National Park by sub-divisional officer Narendra Upadhyaya and field director Suneel Choudhary during a routine patrolling at the Kakraha block in south Sonaripur range of the park. Most of the birds sight ed were sub-adults, suggesting the existence of a large population around the park.Vultures are listed as `critically endangered' in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)'s red list. Officials said it was the first time such a large number of vultures were sighted.

Gyps bengalensis, also called the white-rumped vulture, is an indigenous bird of the Terai region and can be seen at several places of the park. The Himalayan griffon is another vulture species, which migrates from the Himalayas during this period in search of food. Upadhyaya said, “I was on a routine patrolling, along with field director Choudhary , at the south Sonaripur range of the park when we saw a large number of vultures on a tree.“

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