Giloy (Tinospora cardio-folia)

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Giloy (Tinospora cardio-folia)

Ashik Gupta , The magical plant "Daily Excelsior" 15/10/2017

Giloy (Tinospora cardio-folia) is a magical herb which deals with a plethora of health and skin problems. Its name is also mentioned in our history as Amrita(Nectar of Life).It is said that during Samundra Manthan, when the pot full of Amrita, came out of sea, the demons took it and ran away. So while running few drops of Amrita fell on earth which took the form of a climbing herb known as Giloy. Since then we are reaping benefits of its magical properties. During the recent Dengue Fever in Delhi and other states, Baba Ramdev claimed to have treated dengue, malaria with the help of Giloy.

We all have seen Chawanprash ads claiming to improve the immune system. Do you know the magical ingredients in Chawanprash? It is Giloy and imagine the benefits when you take it in raw form. Giloy is used in multiple drug formulations. It has many health benefits such as ant-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, anti-diabetic and anti-impotency.

Nutritional Facts of Giloy

It is abundant in alkaloids, Bio-chemical substances, steroids, flavonoids, lignans, carbohydrates etc. Its biochemical products are used in manufacturing of many herbal, Ayurvedic and modern medicines.

Benefits of Giloy

Full of immunogenic properties:-

It’s used for improving immune system. It also helps to cure infectious diseases of bones, lungs and intestines, blood disorders, intermittent fevers.

Skin Diseases

When the Giloy is taken with ghee or empty stomach in the morning, it helps to cure all types of skin diseases including acute and chronic dermatitis, prickly heat, sunburn, leucoderma and leprosy.

Cures gastro-intestinal disorders

It’s regular use cures all types of gastro-intestinal disorders.

Cure & liver diseases

It helps to vitalize the liver and prevent any further damages to this vital organ.

Prevent Cancer

It stimulates proliferations of stem cells and increases and total white blood cells, bone marrow cells and enhances antibody producing cells. Giloy extract has proved useful in reducing the chemo toxicity induced free radical forming chemicals.

Stress management

Use of Giloy extract helps in production of Insulin and enhances the capacity to burn glucose. Its use helps in decreasing the blood sugar level.

Diabetes Control

Use of Giloy extract helps in production of insulin and enhances capacity to burn glucose. It decreases the blood sugar level.

Arthritis treatment

The Giloy extract and decoction is helpful in the treatment and management of gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis ,excess rate deposition.

Heart diseases

Giloy along with pipernigum has positive impact on cardiac conditions. It helps to clear the obstruction in the arteries as well as in the heart and act as cardio protective agent.

Cures urinary infections

Giloy extract is used to cure all types of urinary infections. The alcoholic people should take Giloy on regular basis as it helps to vitalize the liver tissues, thus safeguards liver kidney and heart. The intake of Giloy helps to enhance the grasping power and memory

Side effects:-The excessive use of Giloy can cause constipation and lower blood sugar levels, so if you are diabetic and have been consuming Giloy on a long term basis, monitor your blood sugar level regularly. Avoid using Giloy if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Part of the plant used for


Most used part is semi hard and hard wood stem, for making extract upper hard skin of the stem should be removed and inner layer be used for boiling in water cool it and use the extract as per requirement ,Best use is under the medical supervision of family Doctor. I have raised few plants in my terrace Garden.

(The author is Joint Director Floriculture)

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