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Global Indian Network of Knowledge (INK)

Global-INK or Global Indian Network of Knowledge is an online knowledge sharing initiative aimed to expand the intellectual engagement of Global Indians with their counterparts in India.

The Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) manages the Global-INK, and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs endorses the network. It is an online knowledge network of academicians, doctors, scholars, scientists and technologists in areas of Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology, with one thing in common – their connection to India and their desire to see India’s knowledge economy flourish. The users can make connections, provide advice, share knowledge and open up opportunities to researchers.

Being a member of the network provides Indian residents, global Indians and those with an affinity for India an opportunity: to provide or seek advice, contacts, assistance and support in the area of Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology; to convert your ideas, research outputs into actions; to find research collaborators; and; to shape the future of India's knowledge economy.

The online knowledge network is made up of successful and prominent individuals and organisations located throughout the world, working in a wide range of aforesaid sectors at the highest level.

The network spans the globe, providing Indian and Overseas Indian researchers with an invaluable framework of support and practical advice that can help them seize domestic and international research collaboration opportunities.

Some of the key features of the platform are:

• Ask an Expert: The platform has a panel of experts in the four domains i.e. Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology. Knowledge seekers can contact these experts directly to get answers of your questions.

• Network directory: The platform allows users to view the network directory and connect with other members.

• Knowledge bank: In-depth information on various subjects, which is not easily available in public domain, is available on the platform. Members have access to this knowledge banks.

• Projects: Knowledge-seekers can upload projects to collaborate with domain experts.

• Discuss, share and participate: The platform keeps the users posted on latest events, allow them to start discussion forum and also upload projects which they want to share for research collaborations.

• Events: Provide information of relevant online/offline events to invite the registered users. Membership is free and by invitation only.

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