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’Top model and actress’ Mahima Chaudhry denied having knowledge of any account in HSBC, Switzerland.
When news broke that Mahima Chaudhry—and not some Chopra, Khan or Kanth saar—was Filmistan’s sole representative on Swiss Leaks' list of Indians with accounts with the Swiss HSBC, Filmistan was amused rather than impressed, envious or, heaven forbid, sanctimonious.
‘Mahima Swiss’ jokes went viral. Among them were:
Mahima Chaudhary has black money??? How much was she paid for Pardes that it has lasted 17 years [almost 18 years, actually] and she still has some stashed away! and
Now for sure these Swiss accounts have no minimum balance criteria. RT @Truly Monica: Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account!!!
These cuts were slightly unkind, because Mahima’s A+ debut with Pardes (1997) was followed by more than ten A list film roles in a career that did reasonably well till 2002. (Her complete Filmography can be seen at Mahima Chaudhary)
But, yes, the point of all these jokes remains: Mahima Chaudhary has a Swiss bank account???
HSBC, Geneva: Some prominent Indian account holders and their version. The Times of India

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The Times of India, Nov 03 2015

Govt lacks seriousness on stashed cash: Whistleblower

Man who leaked HSBC list says a lot of info hasn't been used

Claiming that “millions of crores worth of illicit funds“ were flowing out of India, HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani said he was willing to cooperate with investigative agencies on tracing black money, but felt “disappointed“ by the response so far.

Falciani is facing charges in Switzerland of leaking bank account details from HSBC's Geneva branch -a list that reached the French government and was subsequently shared with New Delhi because it listed accounts of Indians who had stashed funds abroad.

“We are not here to talk about merely figures, but about possible solutions,“ Falciani said, adding that there is a “lot of information that has not been used by the Indian authorities“.

Falciani said he would require protection if he were to assist the authorities in India. Falciani has in recent months written to India twice offering his assistance in the black money probe. In April, he wrote to PM Modi, while in August he wrote to special investigation team (SIT) chief Justice M B Shah (Retd). He, however, said he was disappointed with the response and “lack of seriousness of the Indian government“.

Earlier in 2015, he had hinted that he possessed addi tional information on the lines of the list of 628 Indian entities holding accounts with the bank in Geneva. In the letter dated August 21, 2015, Falciani said,“There is an urgent need to focus... on unravelling the role of financial intermediaries. The investigation must not be restricted to interrogating clients just to find out how much they have in accounts but also how they proceeded. If this is not done, status quo will prevail as far as the black money problem in India is concerned.“ In his letter, Falciani had apparently said that the then SIT adviser K V Chowdary had met him in Paris in December, 2014, with regard to seeking assistance.

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