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2011: Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire

[ From the archives of the Times of India]

Bharat Yagnik

Gujarat woman gets knighthood

Patel was born and educated in Kenya. Her father died when she was only nine years old, she was raised by her mother.

Dame Indira Patel is among the first Asian women to be awarded the honour of DBE — Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (a Knighthood) in the 2011 New Years Honours list for services to human rights.

This NRI, who has roots in Kheda district near Ahmedabad, has now trained her guns on the issue of ‘equal pay for equal work’ working to remove the pay disparity between men and women workers across the globe. “If a man and woman are equally qualified, put in the same amount of work for equal number of hours, why should the man’s salary be higher than the woman? This disparity persists not only in India, Asia but all over the world,” said Patel who was in Ahmedabad.

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