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Ancient Gold Coins

DECEMBER 29, 2016, The India Times

Gold coins found in Jankipura; DECEMBER 29, 2016, The India Times

The Malpura police recovered eight more gold coins from villagers in Jankipura, taking the total number of such coins to 43 in past 21 days. Police are hopeful that more coins would be recovered soon.

The villagers had dug the ground in various parts in Malpura tehsil after news of gold coins being buried there first spread in August this year. But as the administration didn't believe the news, villagers made away with gold coins dating back to the Gupta period.

It was much later, after the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) confirmed that antique coins were being found, that section 144 was clamped in the area. Interestingly, coins dug out from Jankipura village are different from those found in Bayana (Bharatpur) in 1946. In Bayana, 1,821 coins were recovered and even they belonged to the era of Kumar Gupta and Chander Gupta II.

Experts are comparing the coins which were recovered from Bayana and Malpura (Tonk).

"Figures on the coins dug out from Jankipura village in Malpura are different than those on coins recovered from Bayana," said an expert. "Coins dug out from Bayana had women wearing necklaces and pictures of tigers. But those recovered from Jankipura have a king riding a horse," added the expert. Historians assume that coins seized from Jankipura are of the early Gupta empire.

"It is certain that the study of gold coins recovered from Jankipura will reveal much about history and of the Gupta era," added the expert. Meanwhile, sub-inspector of Diggi police station, Tonk, Prem Singh Nathawat said that in past two days, they have seized eight more coins from different villages. "We have also imposed 30 traffic penalties in the region as people are rushing to the site to know more about these gold coins," he said. 'Gold coin rush' started this year in August when thousands of villagers reached Dabadiya nullah site in Jankipura village. The district administration didn't pay much attention to the matter considering it to be just a rumour.

Kushan dynasty coins

Kushan dynasty coins in Gupta treasure trove puzzle experts

The mystery over the excavation of 108 gold coins in Jankipura village, Jaipur, deepened with the discovery of two gold coins belonging to the Kushan era (first century AD) among them.

Initial observations established that the coins date back to the era of the Gupta dynasty.Numismatics are puzzled as to how the gold coins, which are 500 years apart from each other, landed up in the same place. TNN

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