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Shirley Das in her debut film Kaadhal Arangam
Kadhal Arangam / Kadhal Kathai.

Work on Kadhal Arangam began in 2004. It starred debutante the heroines Preethi Rangayani and Shirley Das. It is easier to get debutantes to strip. Once they taste success they start demanding weighty dialogues and powerful emotions.

The film was submitted to the censors in December 2006. They refused to clear the nude scenes. Director Velu Prabhakaran took a highminded stance (as Indian makers of sex films almost always do—and the publishers of Playboy magazine used to). Prabhakaran (like Hefner) claimed that his was a revolutionary film that had a high social purpose (in the former’s case, an attack on the caste system). Like the once-famous litterateur Mr T Mark, Prabhakaran claimed that his was a sex-education film that offered Rational Guidance to the Youth.

After a three-year fight Velu Prabhakaran agreed to cut some nude scenes and remove some objectionable dialogues. The name of the film was changed from Kadhal Arangam to Kadhal Kathai. Velu Prabhakaran credited the direction of the film to his brother Velu Raja.

Like almost all sex-oriented films in India (be they in Hindi-Urdu or Bengali), the film bombed because it had no story and was dreary. The sex scenes were almost randomly scattered around the length of the film.

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