Khamgaon Town

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Khamgaon Town

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Note: National, provincial and district boundaries have changed considerably since 1908. Typically, old states, ‘divisions’ and districts have been broken into smaller units, and many tahsils upgraded to districts. Some units have since been renamed. Therefore, this article is being posted mainly for its historical value.

Head-quarters of the subdivision and taluk of the same name in Buldana District, Berar, situated in 20 degree 43' N. and 76 degree 38' E. Population (1901), i8,341. Khamgaon was the largest cotton market in Berar before Amraoti outstripped it. Its cotton trade dates from about the year 1820, when a few merchants opened shops and began to trade in ghl, raw thread, and a little cotton ; and it now has several cotton-presses and ginning factories. A state railway 8 miles in length, connects the town with the Nagpur branch of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway at Jalam station. The weekly market is held on Thursdays, and during the busy season it is very largely attended. The town has also a special cotton market. The munici- pality was created in 1867. The receipts and expenditure during the ten years ending 1901 averaged Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 39,000. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 34,000, derived chiefly from taxes and cesses ; and the expenditure was Rs. 25,000, the principal heads being conservancy and education. The town is supplied with water from a tank about i| miles distant, and several gardens produce good oranges and vegetables.


2023: ISRO makes purchases from jewellers

Shishir Arya, Sep 5, 2023: The Times of India

Nagpur : Khamgaon town in Buldhana district is a hub for silverware. If utensils made from metal here are famous, a high-end component made of silver in this town, in the western end of Vidarbha, is also used in Isro satellites.

Abusiness that began as a workshop taking up jobs of melting silver for jewellers and utensil-makers, now has the country’s space agency among its clients. Promoters of Shraddha Refinery, which makes silver components, and Vikasmshi Foundation,were felicitated by CM Eknath Shinde after the Chandrayaan and Aditya 1 launch.

Vikasmshi Foundation has supplied five products for Chandrayaan . These are mainly specialised membranes which provide a protective layer between the fuel mechanism and satellites during the flights. This firm is in existence for over the last three decades. It specialises in rubber processing and manufacturing fabric, films and other materials. 
Shraddha Refinery’s journey began with the traditional business of melting silver for the local industry. The expansion began when Shekhar Bhonsale joined his fat her’s business in the late 1980s. He introduced modern methods of separating silver and copper. Soon, they started processing silver for industrial uses also. Bhonsale, who has been producing parts for Isro since the last 10 years, is among the key component suppliers of the space agency. “Since it is a matter of national interest, our firm supplies the component on a no profit no loss basis to Isro,” he says.
“What we supply is called sterling tubes in technical jargon. The exact use is not disclosed for strategic reasons, but it certainly needs high precision work,” Bhonsale told TOI.

“Sterling is 90% silver and 10% copper. Silver is a better conductor of electricity as compared to other metals. This means even a lesser volume of the metal can have better performance. This ensures light weight components,” he says.

The company headed by entrepreneur Geetika Vikasmshi, supplied two products for ground testing and three for onboard flight to Isro.

Structural test bladders of heat shield and nose cone made by the firm were used in ground testing. The other products for the flight were rubberised insulating material and thermal boot section, rubberised sealing collar, and C25 thermal shield.

The thermal shield is an inflatable membrane placed below satellite’s payload. It’s a protection equipment after the cryogenic propellants are filled.Vikasmshi Fabrication has been associated with Isro since the last 20 years.


Khamgaon town in Buldhana district is a hub for silverware
From: Shishir Arya, Sep 5, 2023: The Times of India

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Khamgaon town in Buldhana district is a hub for silverware

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