Konark Festival

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Konark Festival

1st – 5th December


On the mesmerizing Chandrabhaga beach, 35 km to the north-east of Puri stands the World Heritage Monument popularly known as Black Pagoda. The celestial chariot of the mythical Sun God chiseled on stone with finesse beyond imagination, by 1200 craftsmen in 12 long and testing years today bears testimony to Odisha’s architectural excellence.

The temple at Konark dedicated to the Sun god is in the form of a chariot drawn by 12 pairs of stone carved wheels and seven galloping horses. The temple walls are ornately decorated with figures of kings, queens, soldiers, priests, courtiers, courtesans, horses and elephants depicting the life in medieval Odisha.

Amidst such a magnificent backdrop, the Konark festival is held in an open auditorium every year during the winters from 1-5 December. This festival celebrates the magic of Indian classical and traditional dance forms. Dancers and their troupes from across the country leave the visitors spellbound with their stunning movements.

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