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1977-2017: 3 landslides on August 13

Suresh Sharma, August 13 `curse' haunts Himachal village, August 15, 2017: The Times of India

Major Landslides Struck Kotrupi On This Day In 1977, 2007 And 2017

As strange as this may sound, Kotrupi village in Mandi has been affected by three landslides in the last 40 years. All of them have occurred on the same day ­ August 13 This village saw its first major landslide in 1977. It struck again in 2007 and now it has destroyed homes and lives in 2017. And all of them struck on August 13. The only difference is that the previous landslides had killed only one person and damaged mostly homes and farms. As a result, the 1977 and 2007 landslides did not get the kind of attention that the present disaster has.

Former panchayat pradhan of Urla village, Tek Singh, said people in the vilage still remember the landslide of 1997. “It is natural for the people to read this as a sign from the deities who are not happy with people,“ he said. “Everybody is stunned at the date and frequency of these events.“ Ramesh Singh, another villager, said this was just a coincidence, but the government should ensure that there are protections against landslides in the future. “If this happens again, there will be many superstitions and myths associated with the date. People here are very religious and frightened,“ he said.

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